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The 8th House Continued

Ahem... yep, it would seem that virtually 100% of the folks reading this section will then attempt to figure out a complicated scheme by which they might naturally fit into the following archetypal energy pattern. Nice try, but no cigar... Sorry, folks... but not all Sun Sign Scorpios, individuals with a planet or two in the 8th house, or those having birth aspects with Pluto will have this strong affinity.

" Psst...There's a Keg Party
Going On Over at the House of Dionysos!!!!"

In a nutshell, those folks having strong and/or repeated birth chart affinities to the archetypal energies contained within Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th house (barring other factors in the chart) have the potential to experience the heights and depths of absolute ecstasy such as no one else in their wildest imaginations and dreams will ever, ever, ever will be able to know while in this earthly existence. And I'd say that's a fairly nice consolation gift of Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th House, eh?...

But... why is this so, you might rightly ask?

Secret Revealed
According to the esteemed Greek mythologist Carl Kerenyi, there's a little known, almost invisible thread in Greek mythology connecting Hades (the Greek version of Pluto) with the ecstatic wine god, Dionysos!

Heraclitus (late 6th century BC Greek philosopher) proclaimed: "Hades and Dionysos are one and the same!"

Yep! Dionysos, the Greek wine god of Ecstasy, is the flip-side of the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades (Pluto). The two gods were interchangeable doubles for one another.

Look carefully at this picture found on the archaic "Xenokles Cup" housed at the London, British Museum.

(from left to right): Demeter, Hermes, Persephone and Dionysos.

In this ancient version of the Greek Eleusian Mysteries - the wine god, Dionysos, is identified as being the Lord of the Underworld and as the captor of Persephone (as opposed to Hades or Pluto in the versions we're accustomed to). Even more interesting, in another even more hidden strand of Greek mythology - Dionysos is sometimes said to be the child born of the union between Hades and Persephone. (the more popular and well-known versions say that Dionysos was the child of Zeus and Persephone...)

Dionysos was the lord of wine, ecstasy, and unbridled natural instinct. In Dionysian ecstasy (ex-stasis - "to stand outside of oneself") the emotions reach a place of such powerful intensity that they can no longer be contained within the body and/or mind.

This emotional Dionysian ecstasy forces one to be literally catapulted to another realm or "state of being." It's a realm far beyond our limited three dimensional world of reality and reason.

As astrologer Rob Hand pointed out in Horoscope Symbols (see circle link): "Rather than deny the physical universe in order to transcend it, Scorpio will immerse itself in physicality and even drown in it in order to go beyond it."

And now you know why you've got that "reputation." And now you know why people want so desperately to "experience" you, and then get frightened away by the intensity of what they felt.

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Note to the many excellent archetypal and/or psychological astrologers that connect the mythology of Dionysos to Neptune and Pisces: I humbly suggest that you might want to check out the mythology of the Greek hero Orpheus... you might be pleasantly surprised...

Astrology > Eagle's Nest > 8th House > Secret of the 8th House