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Saturn issues to deal with...

In Alice O. Howell's wonderful and insightful book,
"Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages,"

she writes:

    "Saturn points to the shadow aspect of the psyche which needs understanding and ultimately appreciation, if not love.

    But it hurts to confront one's Saturn and acknowledge one's lacks."

The following is Alice O. Howell's list of basic needs and/or issues people may have to deal with when their Saturn is placed in a particular sign. However (as Ms. Howell adds) there are no hard and fast rules:

Aries - attention, narcissism
Taurus - security, inflexibility

Gemini - communication, comparisons,inner child

Cancer - someone to nurture, loss, anxiety

Leo - approval, authority, love,lack of love

Virgo - perfection, righteousness

Libra - relationships, poor image, injustice

Scorpio - self-worth, suspicion, guilt

Sagittarius - giving, pomposity, respect

Capricorn - structure, fear, selfishness

Aquarius - freedom, depersonalization

Pisces - praise, insecurity, emotional expression, courage

The Bottle Game
(or Saturn Slalom Course)

In dealing with Saturn and Karma, Ms. Howell goes on to tell this wonderful, enlightening story:  

"I am reminded of a helpful image from my youth: called simply the 'bottle game.'

I remember someone assembling a 'slalom course' of bottles at a beer party. They called for a volunteer to thread their way through the bottles without knocking any of them over. You were given three practice tries, and then taken out the door and blindfolded. When you re-entered the room, you then tried to repeat the feat, having memorized the course.

To shouts of astonishment and whoops of praise, I myself managed (with greatest caution and brilliant memory) to successfully avoid all twelve of the bottles!

Immediately, there was wild applause and excitement for my excellent performance in avoiding the bottles! I victoriously ripped off the blindfold, only to realize there was not a single, solitary bottle in sight! Everyone of the bottles had been removed before I came into the room for my try at the slalom.

This a good example of karma - we undertake the course of life, convinced that it's been set up to entrap us, but we have, in truth, entrapped ourselves."

*Stop!* *Wait*!!!!

Let that story settle in and simmer in your brain for second or two. If necessary - go back and reread this story.

"This is a good example of karma - we undertake the course of life, convinced that it's been set up to entrap us, but we have, in truth, entrapped ourselves."

The fears and limitations based on Saturn (The Lord of Karma) are based on illusion.

You've just read what may very possibly be the single most important piece of information this site has to offer!

And imagine that!  You found it in the section on Saturn...

This is the one section on my site (assuming you had a previous knowledge of astrology) that you may have hesitated prior to coming in...


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