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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mars Attack Revisited

Transiting Mars passing over the chart angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and IC) often denotes sudden action taken or sudden activity happening to you.

I've known and written about this phenomenon that I like to call the Mars Attack for a long time, but it recently hit home (literally) in a big way.

Early yesterday morning (4:00 am March 16, 2009)... as transiting Mars in Pisces was passing directly over my birth Midheaven squared by the transiting Moon (which also happened to be conjuncting my birth Sun and opposing my birth Moon)... I was rudely awakened by neighbors (my angels) to alert me that the vacant foreclosed house located next door was on fire and already fully involved.

In our historic neighborhood, the old houses all tend to be located rather close to one another. With Mars in Pisces (fire having difficulty with maintaining boundaries) the threat to my little house was very real.

In my little home's favor, there was a total absense of wind that morning and the ground was saturated with water after several days of rain.

For the first hour or so I was seriously wondering if I would soon be numbered among the homeless. It's strange the bizarre thoughts that race through your mind... the night before I'd done 5 big loads of laundry... and standing there, expecting my house to go down in flames... I was slightly ticked off that I'd done all that laundry for no good reason...

Long story short... the vacant foreclosed house is no more. My home escaped damage, other than a hairline crack in a storm window. My neighbor on the other side of the burning house, escaped serious damage, as well. The cause of the fire is now being actively investigated as an act of arson.

I suppose it likewise fits the theme of action over my Midheaven (public image), in that one of the local TV news crews showed up very late, and then the guy literally begged me for an interview. I'd hoped that no one I knew would see it on the local evening news... but as I've discovered over the past couple of days, my hopes were fruitless... and it was, I suppose, my 15 seconds of fame...

I did coincidentally discover what I value the most during this Venus retrograde in Aries (in opposition to my birth Mars), as I grabbed my trusty laptop while exiting my home.

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