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Dr Z's Transit Authority - The Pitfalls

Every Breath You Take

Scrutinizing every tiny little transit that passes your way is a common pitfall... yep... it's always interesting to take a look at and pick apart all of the many daily minor transits.

The (usually) minor transits include the transiting Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars... now that I've said that, there are times when these "minor" transit act as "triggers" for the "major" transits.

Bottom line is just don't get so consumed with analyzing these minor transits that you run out of time to live your life.

Betty Crocker

It's good to enroll in the Betty Crocker Cookbook School of Astrology, when just beginning to learn astrology. Yep! At first you'll find yourself learning all of this stuff by rote memorization.

But avoid the "Betty Crocker pitfall" by remembering that you eventually need to start weaning yourself away from all those excellent cookbooks. The planets are symbols of archetypal energies. Start playing with and experiencing the energies for yourself.... get a feel for what the symbols mean and don't stay dependent on your cookbooks.

One Size Fits All

Everybody is different! Everybody is unique! Transits which reflect important milestones and moments in the growth of one person, may not be significant for someone else. Some folks are more sensitive to Jupiter... some folks are more sensitive to Saturn... some Uranus... Neptune... Pluto...

Some folks are not sensitive to transits at all! *GASP* Then you have to drop back and punt - and work with another method.


This is a huge pitfall for folks starting out (and even for alot of oldtimers)...

Transits reflect a natural unfolding of the psyche; they reflect a time of learning and growth... try not to fight the process... try not to fear the process... and try not to "manipulate" the process in regard to how a Saturn square Sun will be "played out" in your "time and space" reality.

Instead, remain aware... and try to "cooperate" with the process as an equal and trusted partner....

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Home / Astrology / Forecasting / Transits /Transit Authority / Transit Authority Page 2 / Pitfalls

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