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The Important Question
The 2000 Taurus Alignment

The Question
In his Mountain Astrologer article, astrologer Greg Bogart reminded readers that on an individual level: "It is not a question of 'What is going to happen to me at this time?' but rather, 'What am I going to make of this transit?' How do I choose to invent the meaning of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction?"

So how does one go about symbolically inventing the individual meaning of this historic alignment in Taurus?

The Unknown Visitors
The ancient Roman poet, Ovid, informs us that once upon a time... the gods were quite concerned that they were being ignored. So Jupiter (the chief ruling god of thunder) and Mercury (the messenger god) visited Earth disguised as poor, beggarly travelers. All the many people who refused Jupiter and Mercury shelter were drowned in a great flood and thus repaid for their godlessness. Conversely, those who openly welcomed the unknown visitors into their home were then honored with the fulfillment of their greatest desires and hopes.

The archetypal motif of the gods visiting earth disguised as poor, unknown visitors is quite common among differing cultural mythologies and religions. In the Judeo Christian tradition (for example), the unknown visitors are most often identified as being angels. In the New Testament Book of Hebrews - believers are strictly cautioned to be kind to strangers because you may be entertaining angels unaware.

In astrology, the continually moving ("transiting") planets of our solar system mysteriously serve as the "unknown visitors" and "messengers" of the universe. Through their changing patterns in the sky, the planets speak to humanity - using a symbolic language - in regard to the purposeful, evolutionary cycles of growth and life on planet Earth. The planetary movements contain valuable information on the soul growth of our world when looked at as a whole, and they also pass along important information for each of us on a very individual, private level.

Called Or Not Called
There's an old Latin saying engraved on the gravestone of the great archetypal, depth psychologist, C. G. Jung: Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit. Translated, this means: "Called or not called, the god will be there."

In her book Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche Jungian author Marie-Louise von Franz tells us:

"It seems to me to be one of the greatest contributions of Jung and his work that it taught us to keep our door open to the "unknown visitor."

He (Jung) also tried to teach us an approach through which we can avoid the wrath of this visitor, which every frivolous, haughty, or greedy host in the folk tales brought down on himself. For it depends only on ourselves whether this coming of the gods becomes a blessed visit or a fell disaster."

Called or not called, the god will be there..... And so the question is: How will you choose to greet the "unknown visitor" of Taurus? Will you choose to keep your door open or will you turn the "unknown visitor" away?

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