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Honoring Taurus
The 2000 Taurus Alignment - What do you value most in your life?

According to astrologer Richard Idemon, the ancient Greeks had a saying that when passing by the temple of a god, you must honor the god by quickly making the appropriate sacrifice at the appropriate time. One should never offend the gods by ignoring them.

In the case of the Zodiacal sign of Taurus ruled by Venus, what is the appropriate sacrifice required? How do we as individuals and collectively as a society begin to properly acknowledge and honor the unknown visitor of Taurus?

Archetypically, Taurus ruled by Venus is a concrete world of reality and sensory perception - with roots solidly built on earthy, physical sensations and practicality. One of the many ancient images evoked by the sign of Taurus is the paradisal Garden of Eden. Paradise from the Greek paradeisos - means the garden, enclosed park, paradise. Taurus feels the most solid, stable, and comfortable when surrounded with its pleasurable world of the five senses...

Taurus is the archetypal Zodiacal sign reflecting physical pleasures and comfort, the joys and beauty of unspoiled virgin nature, staying power, the elemental forces of gravity, Mother Earth, values, meaning in life, and our possessions...

The Hard Question
Individually and collectively, during the next twenty years (2000-2020), Taurus ruled by Venus will be asking us the hard question, "What do you value most in your life?" Whether on a societal or individual level - honoring the Taurean energies contained in this great planetary alignment will involve:

* the offering up of our values
* the reevaluation of our values
* and then the fortitude and slow, steady, staying power required to stand solidly behind what we have chosen to value.

How will you choose to greet this planetary alignment in Taurus? Will you choose to keep your door open or will you turn the unknown visitor away? Called or not called, the god will be there...

Home / Astrology / Forecasting / The 2000 Taurus Alignment >> Page 1 | 2 | 3

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