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Ya Gotta Have Java to Play
(This game seems to sometimes "disappear" when using Netscape 4.5)
Gopher Bash!

Gophers are taking over your yard!

Bash all the little buggers by clicking on them with your mouse!

The game has eight levels.

Every 100 points advances you to the next level, where the gophers get faster.

Can you bash all of them and save the turf?

GAME PLAY: Playing is simple. a single mouse click on the start/stop buttons starts and stops the game, reseting every time. Clicking on the gopher while he comes up, waits, or goes down results in a strike. Misses result in a try being taken away. When the five tries are gone, you lose the game. Every ten gophers advances you to a new level where the gophers speed up and don't hang around as long. If you get through level 8, then you win the game. (If playing on a 640x480 screen, then you'll need to get rid of the Toolbars to see the entire game.)


This way cool Java Gopher Bash! by Pat Friedl

Disclaimer: No gophers were hurt during the making of this game.

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