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Cycles of renewal and death... A short excerpt from the Liz Greene/Howard Sasportas book

entitled "The Luminaries."

"The perpetually changing yet constant lunar cycle has gathered to itself a characteristic body of Greek myth, with which many of you may be familiar. The lunar deities, who are usually female (although there are exceptions) most often appear in a triad, or with three aspects which reflect the three distinct phases of the full, new and crescent Moon.

If we play about with the images which these three phases invoke, we can see how the new Moon (the treacherous black Moon) was associated with death, gestation, sorcery, and the Greek goddess Hecate who presided over birth, death and black magic.

After the dark of the Moon, the crescent Moon appears with its virginal delicacy and promise, looking as though itís ready to be impregnated by something. Itís shaped like a bowl and open to that which may penetrate it from the outside. The crescent Moon was linked with the virgin goddess Persephone, who was abducted by Hades. It was also said to be the emblem of Artemis, the virgin huntress and mistress of wild beasts.

The full Moon in contrast has a pregnant look; it is round and juicy, lush and ripe, and might give birth at any moment. This is the Moon at its maximum power, the apex of the lunar cycles, and it was associated with the fertility goddess Demeter, mother of all living things.

Then the Moon begins to wane, growing thinner and darker, and the suddenly it's not there any more. Hecate, the old crone, is now in power once again, hidden in the underworld weaving her spells and spinning the future in the darkness."

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