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Adventures in Writing About the Moon

I've gotta say that a lot of strange stuff happened as I was in the midst of writing this entire section on "Moonlite Madness…" I don't usually share the kind of stuff that happens while writing different parts of my web site, mostly cuz it's usually not all that interesting to anyone else but me...

But the Moon is all about the unconscious, all about the past and all about memories and the emotions they evoke… So I hope what follows will be at least vaguely interesting…

Apologies to Liz Greene

First off, I finished writing all the main page material regarding the Moon, Lon Chaney Jr. (the Wolfman) and imagining a time back before electricity….

Then I went in search of something I'd remembered reading in the Liz Greene/Howard Sasportas book called "The Luminaries." I was looking for a brief passage on three phases of the Moon and Greek goddesses.

But while thumbing through the book - I realized to my great horror that my entire "Moonlite Madness" opening was very, very, very similar to Liz Greene's opening comments on the Moon. I swear I haven't picked up that book in a long time….

Yeah, I know I must have "unconsciously" remembered reading it. But if you've been to all my different astrology sections, then you know I'm usually pretty good about giving credit to original authors for any of their ideas that I use (if I can remember getting the idea from them)….

Now we come to the
"Luckenbach Moon…."

The "Luckenbach (Luke - in - bach) Moon" is a bit of homespun poetry (actually more like a story) that was recorded back in the mid 1970s and was included on a album put out by one of my favorite country music performers, by the name of Jerry Jeff Walker.

Luckenbach is a tiny, tiny, tiny little town in Texas that Jerry Jeff, as the legend goes, reportedly bought sometime back in the 1970s. (It was later made famous by Waylon Jennings.)

The album was recently re-released on CD. I discovered it by "accident" and picked up a copy a few days before writing this section on the Moon. Lord knows, I still love listening to Jerry Jeff's old music (as well as his newer stuff)…. But I'm pretty sure I'd only heard this particular album once or twice back in the mid 1970s.

While sitting down to write the section on the Moon - I decided to listen to my brand new dsicovery for the first time in over 20 years.

Halfway into the album and my writing, "The Luckenbach Moon" came on...

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