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Short excerpt from Introduction of
Jung To Live By

"Carl Jung was a thinker who was truly ahead of his time. Born in a country not known for making tempestuous waves on the world scene, Jung seemed to reflect the quiet, calm, step-by-step, fastidious Swiss approach. Slowly but surely his work has entered areas and disciplines of coping with everyday life, many times without acknowledgment of his direct influence or indirect inspiration.

Many people take the Myers-Briggs type indicator test, read about the Goddess and her influence, participate in a twelve-step program, join a men's identity group, or use visualization to rid themselves of cancer and other diseases, not knowing that in the twentieth century Jung formulated (or was influential in the formulation of) these revolutionary concepts.

It is high time that credit be given where credit is due, not in order to make Jung into a celebrity - but rather to make his valuable and helpful insights more accessible in our attempts to reduce human suffering...

The aim of this book is to demystify Jungian psychology, to put Jung's ever-evolving concepts into clear, simple language so that the power and freedom they can bestow will reach people around the globe, even those without any background in the field of psychology.

In a time when satellite communication has turned our disparate towns and villages into one global village, Jung offers a viable method of intercultural understanding... More than thirty years after his death, C.G. Jung continues to influence an ever-growing, worldwide audience.

People are tired of superficial solutions and Jung points the way on the journey to real self-awareness and deep inner transformation. Jung is indeed a psychologist of the twenty-first century."

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