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Freud and Jung Continued

By the year 1911, the close mentor relationship between Freud and Jung was showing severe signs of strain. In their frequent correspondence, the younger Jung was attempting to cautiously, carefully lay the groundwork as to why he (Jung) was currently knee deep in the calculating of astrological charts.

Freud, in turn, was growing increasingly concerned for the professional reputation of his young protégé.

Sadly, in the end, the two men could not help but grow further apart... Freud, having his Rising Sign in Scorpio, was prone to believing that the “unconscious” was little more than a vast, dark, taboo, and "Scorpionic" wasteland of repressed childhood memories and traumas based on forbidden childhood sexual fantasies of incest. For Freud, virtually all religious experience was relegated to being nothing more than neurotic "wish fulfillment."

Search For Soul
In Jung’s own still developing “map of the soul,” he found himself increasingly unable to continue attributing as much overriding importance to sexuality and/or to the repression of sexuality. In short, Jung thought Freud was personally obsessed with sex.

For Jung, having his Rising Sign in Aquarius, was unable to relegate the “unconscious” to being nothing more than a forbidden wasteland. To the contrary, Jung (with his Midheaven and Part of Fortune in Scorpio) was discovering the deeper strata (or parts) of the “unconscious” to be a purposeful source of libido (energy) for the bringing about of health and wholeness in the human psyche.

In 1912, Jung published part 2 of his book, Transformations and Symbols of the Libido that led to greater misunderstandings in the corrrespondence between the two men. These misunderstandings eventually led to the final break in Jung's close father/son emotional ties with Freud in 1913.

It is impossible to overemphasize the emotional effects this break with Freud had on the younger Jung (or that the break had on the older Freud). It would appear that neither man was ever able to fully "recover" from its effects.

Due much in part to his break with Freud, during the next four years (1913 - 1917), Jung hid away in a self-imposed seclusion. While there are always “rumors” and/or “conjectures” floating around, very few select people truly know what may have gone on with Jung during those four years.

Jung - Explorer of the Psyche and the World
In 1917, Jung broke his self-imposed seclusion and began publishing again. Then in the 1920s Jung felt the need to travel, explore, and test his psychological theories in other regions of the world. During this period of his life, Jung set about on expeditions to the southwestern region of the United States to visit with the Taos Pueblo Native Americans living in the state of New Mexico, and then later to visit the peoples of Kenya in Eastern Africa. Later in the 1930s, he traveled to India. I would be remiss if I failed to point out that during the period of time involved, the idea of traveling to these remote, exotic places was a very unique, daring, and extraordinary thing to do.

It was not until the year 1948 that the doors of the The C.G. Jung Institute of Zürich, Switzerland first opened for the formal training of Jungian analysts. The very private Jung was reportedly aghast that such a school should opened at all. However, he was finally convinced that such a school would eventually be opened, whether he liked it or not. Opening the Institute while he was still alive, he could at least have a hand in the way the school was being organized.

After an incredibly rich and full life, Dr. Carl G. Jung died on June 6, 1961, just short of his 86th birthday.

Birth Data:
Carl G. Jung - Born: July 26, 1875 at 7:26pm in Kesswil, Switzerland, No Rodden Rating, as this time of birth is based on the Campanus house birth chart provided by astrologer Gret Baumann-Jung (Carl Jung's daughter) to the Spring Journal.
Died June 6, 1961 in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

Sigmund Freud - Born: May 6, 1856 at 6:30pm (LMT) in Frieberg, Czechoslovakia, Rodden Rating AA.
Died: September 23, 1939 at 3:00pm in London, England. Sigmund Freud birth data is courtesy of Astrodatabank software.

*** Please note: the time of birth given above for Jung is based on the actual birth chart placements as calculated and used by Carl G Jung's astrologer daughter, Gret that placed his Ascendant at 2.5 degrees of Aquarius, his Midheaven at 29 degrees of Scorpio, and his Sun in the 7th house. (Sources: Spring Journal 1975 and 1999)

"During those summer holidays of 1898, from July until roughly September 10, transiting Uranus stood exactly at my father's MC, at 29 degrees Scorpio." excerpt from Spring Journal 1975 Gret Baumann-Jung

I confess that the Spring Journal 1975 chart time specified for Carl G Jung's birth is 7:32 pm. However, using today's incredibly precise astrology calculation software, using the time of 7:32 pm gives Jung an Ascendant of 4 degrees Aquarius and a Midheaven of 1 degree Sagittarius. The Spring Journal 1975 chart appeared to use the Campanus house system.

The Spring Journal 1999 chart specifies that it uses 7:26 pm as Carl G Jung's time of birth, where it appears that author Monika Relph-Wikman may have been using the same logic I am using here, preferring to use the chart placements (Midheaven 29 degrees of Scorpio and Sun in the 7th house) that Carl G Jung and his daughter actually used.

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