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House System Help

Need some help in deciding which "house system" to select for your report and/or reading? Breathe easy... and remain calm...

Never Had a Chart Reading or Report Done Before?
If you've never had a chart reading and/or report done before, then don't sweat it. Dr Z highly recommends using the default Koch House System (and then continuing to request the Koch House System regardless of where you might order another chart reading).

Have Had a Chart Reading or Report Done Before?
However, if you've had a chart reading and/or report done before (but you're still rather clueless about house systems and/or that there's even such a thing as different house systems) - then it's quite possible that your previous readings/reports have been calculated using the Placidus House System. A few astrologers use Placidus because they are actually convinced it's the best house system out there, but quite a few astrologers (mindlessly) use the Placidus House System for no reason other than it's what everybody else uses.

  • If you've chosen to order a reading or report from StarryMart because you trust Dr Z and think he's the best astrologer on the planet, then he still highly recommends that you select the default Koch House System.
  • However, if you've chosen to order a reading or report from StarryMart simply because it's cheap, then you may wish to consider choosing the Placidus House System because it's likely what you've gotten used to.

Quasi-familiar With Differing House Systems
Finally, if you've had chart readings and/or reports done before (and you're quasi-familiar with the subject of house systems and such), then you're probably already dead set on which house system you wish to use and it would be a waste of breath trying to convince you that you're better off using the Koch House System.

What's the REAL Bottom Line Here?
Where the rubber meets the road, in order to keep prices cheap, Dr Z doesn't have time to change your report and/or reading back and forth between the various different house systems simply because his report and/or reading (might) place some of your planets in different houses than a previous report from another astrologer did.

FYI - If you're ordering a Horary Reading, then none of this applies to you... as Dr Z uses yet another house system for Horary Readings and, if you want a Horary Reading from Dr Z - you have no choice in the matter of house systems.

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