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Dr Z's Full Blown Astrology Readings?

Sorry, this is currently not available

Let's face it! There's only one Dr Z, and there are literally thousands of you. Yep! There's only just so much of poor old Dr Z to go around.

Granted... Dr Z could have chosen to do what many other high profile astrologers do in order to limit orders - charge an ungodly sum of money for readings (350 USD and up).

Dr Z has, however, chosen to keep his prices quasi-reasonable (149.95 USD) for customers by limiting how many clients he does readings for. That's just how Dr Z rolls...

So... at rare times, StarryMart will be accepting orders for full blown readings given by Dr Z; however, much of the time, online and local orders for Dr Z's personal readings will not be taken.

Let's get real... generally... for Dr Z to add a new person to his pool and/or queue of established clients, one of his established customers has to have died, left town, or gotten incredibly ticked off at him.

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