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"Learn as much as you can about symbolism; then forget it all when you are analyzing a dream." C.G. Jung

Ten Top Rules of Thumb

Rule Number One:
Learn all the rules, and then immediately forget them.

Rule Number Two:
Always remember Rule of Thumb One....

Rule Number Three:
If you want to get serious about remembering your dreams - then start a habit of leaving a pen and paper beside your bed.
Upon waking in the morning, lie still and allow the memory of the dream to naturally, easily unfold in your mind. Then write the dream down. These simple actions really do work.

Rule Number Four:
Dreams are normally much more concerned about your soul growth than your external "time and space" existence. Both the images AND the actions which take place in your dream are symbols.

  Some dreams will have an unusual, "timeless" quality to them. (After all, they do originate from a timeless place.) These timeless dreams may be speaking to you of your past, present and/or future circumstances.

But the fact is, though, that for most of us -
our dreams generally DO NOT (9999 out of 10,000 times) predict the future of outer events in a LITERAL manner.

For example
If you have a dream about the death of your dog - it's highly, highly unlikely that the dream is referring to the literal "time and space" death of your dog.

On the other hand... sometimes these unusual, timeless quality dreams may contain prophetic warnings of a sort. Your dream may be speaking to you with a deep inner-wisdom regarding the possible consequences of a particular path you're traveling on.

Okay, okay… the example - dreaming about the death of your dog MIGHT refer to a quality within you which hasn't yet been able to surface into waking consciousness and you're in danger of letting it die.

Combine that idea with whatever the special qualities are which you ascribe to dogs in general and to your dog in specific.

In this case the deep wisdom of your dream is speaking to you regarding the possible future - but the strong odds are that it's not speaking in LITERAL terms regarding the future. It's not warning you about the impending death of your dog.

Rule Number 5:
When you dream about someone you actually know (someone involved in your daily life), it is most often in some way or another referring to the actual person. But not always….

Ask yourself some questions, such as… What does this person mean to me in my waking life?… What qualities does this person have that I like?… What do I dislike about this person?… How does this person treat me in waking life?… How did this person treat me in the dream?… What action took place in the dream and how did I feel about it?

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