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Donald Trump Birth Chart Data and Interpretations


Donald Trump - June 14, 1946 10:54 am EDT Jamaica, NY AA Based on Birth Certificate
Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Ascendant, Taurus Midheaven

Dr. Z’s Western Tropical Birth Chart Interpretations

(c) Main Text (c) 2001-2016, You Bet Your Sweet Astrology Consulting

Hello... and welcome to Dr Z's wonderful world of Western Tropical Astrology!

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal."

According to the sacred Hebrew Midrash writings, King Solomon - the wisest of all men - was an astrologer. Seriously... according these ancient sacred Hebrew texts, Solomon was an astrologer. And also, according to the Midrash - in the above passage taken from the Old Testament "Book of Ecclesiastes" - Solomon was specifically making referral to the cycles of life as contained within the Zodiacal wheel of astrology.

Well, Donald... bet you they didn’t teach you any of that in your childhood Presbyterian Sunday School class?

However... if you'd been a Roman Catholic, then here’s something that they might have taught you (but probably not):

In the apocryphal "The Wisdom of Solomon," Chapter 7:17-19, Solomon says: "For He, [God] hath given me certain knowledge of the things which are, namely to know how the world was made, and the operation of the elements: the beginning, ending, and midst of the times: the alterations and turning of the Sun, and the change of the seasons: the circuits of years, and the position of stars."

Jewish Rabbi (and astrologer) Joel C Dobin, DD writes:
"Astrology helps man to understand God’s will and to put himself in balance with Divine and universal forces, thus enriching his life and experience."

See there? We haven't even gotten started and you've already learned something new.

Your birth chart is a "sky map" filled with a wide array of symbols and potential energies. And - don't go into shock - but it takes an entire lifetime to fully live out and understand all the symbols and potentials contained in one's birth chart.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428/427 BC - 348/347 BC) believed that we each choose the time and place of our birth - and that we therefore choose the lessons we will undergo... according to the even more ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (535 BC - 475 BC), one of Plato's influences: "The soul is its own source of unfolding."

Astrology is nothing more and nothing less than a mirror reflecting the natural unfolding of one's soul and character over the course of a lifetime.

As with everything in astrology, as to the way a particular astrological energy configuration might (or might not) manifest itself... we’re talking about the 4 P’s:

and propensities.

"Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries." CG Jung

"Understand that thou art a second little world and that the sun and moon are within thee, and also the stars..." Origen, 2nd/3rd Century Christian Mystic/Theologian, Homilies in Leviticum,126

"The great decisions in human life usually have far more to do with the instincts and other mysterious unconscious factors than with conscious will and well-meaning reasonableness. The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no universal recipe for living. Each of us carries his own life-form within him - an irrational form which no other can outbid." CG Jung; The Practice of Psychotherapy, Collected Works, vol 16


Donald Trump - Male Chart
Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00
Jamaica New York, 40°N41'29'', 073°W48'22''
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node


Scores: Aries 0; Taurus 0; Gemini 6; Cancer 7; Leo 4; Virgo 0; Libra 3; Scorpio 0; Sagittarius 4; Capricorn 0; Aquarius 0; Pisces 0
These are some of the energies associated with Gemini: agile, versatile, inquisitive, flowing, conversational, airy, youthful, and having many ideas. Gemini can also be volatile, superficial, changeable, restless and inconsistent.
These are some of the energies associated with Cancer -
Nurturing, protective, tenacious, emotionally sensitive, feeling, and have strong roots. Can be overly protective, unwilling to let go, timid, reclusive.
These are some of the energies associated with Leo -
Self-confident, generous, warm-hearted, powerful leader, dramatic. Can be overly proud, vain, extravagant, and arrogant.
These are some of the energies associated with Sagittarius -
Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous. Can be reckless, unrestrained, and tactless.

Scores: Fire 8; Earth 0; Air 9; Water 7
Whoops! My computer just noticed that you're more a bit weak in the element of Earth.

Perhaps, before going on, I should mention that when counting the elements I use a method "quasi-based" on the method that astrologer extraordinaire Richard Idemon utilized when counting the elements. That means I only use the two luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) and the seven planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

I do NOT count the element of the Ascendant or the Midheaven. As important as they are, the Ascendant and Midheaven are filters or doorways into the birth chart and do not "act" in the same manner that a planet does.

Earth is a Yin or Feminine element. It denotes reliability, stability, solidity, stoicism, sensuality, and practicality. The traditional view is that being weak in the element of Earth you have difficulty coping with the realities of every day life. Practical daily chores seem beyond your capabilities, and you have difficulty concentrating on real solid Earthy matters at hand.

This description may fit you quite well.... often that is the case... but just as often it's not.

Lack of earth in the birth chart may mean that you end up focusing your attention on what's missing. You may in fact end up overcompensating for what you lack. Quite often your life myth may be focused and consumed around freeing yourself from the 'curse of the missing (or weak) element.' You may in fact appear to others as an extremely earthy and practical (both in your personality traits and in your actions) individual. But no matter how over-developed you may become in accessing the energies of earth - it may never 'feel' under your conscious control. It seems to come and go with a will of its own. You're never allowed to become comfortable with its presence. You're never allowed to take its presence in your life for granted. You have to work at it.

Here's an extra that's not meant to be a hard and fast rule - if you marry relatively young in life, often times it will be to someone strong in the element you lack. They may be likely to have their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the element you lack. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Air is a Yang or Masculine element. Strength in the element of Air denotes communication, talking, writing, thinking, intellect, a quick flow of ideas. You have the innate ability to be objective and philosophical, and you may prefer to view life from an intellectual and/or detached perspective. Your rational mind will generally outweigh your feelings every time, as you likely consider the world of feeling to be irrational. You have a high-handed sense of fairness, and a logical thought process. Your greatest weakness lies in the fact that (barring other factors in the chart) you tend to view displays of raw unadulterated emotions in such a cold and disapproving light.

Scores: 1st 0; 2nd 3; 3rd 0; 4th 4; 5th 0; 6th 0; 7th 0; 8th 0; 9th 0; 10th 6; 11th 7; 12th 4
The Fourth House is about home and family. It describes your roots, your heritage and your private life.
The Tenth House is about your public life and public standing. The Tenth House is how you prefer for society to see you. It shows your standing in the community, career, social status and can reflect your attitude to parenting. The Tenth House is also sometimes known for describing your physical appearance.
The Eleventh House is about your friendships and relationship with groups of people. It is also about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
The Twelfth House is about endings and dissolution into the universe. It is about your hidden strengths and weaknesses. It is also about institutions such as hospitals, jails, libraries and the armed services. It is also about creativity, sensuality, sacrifice and redemption. (Hang on... I'm trying to remember if there's anything The Twelfth House isn't associated with....)

Scores: 1st Quadrant 3; 2nd Quadrant 4; 3rd Quadrant 0; 4th Quadrant 17
The planets in this quadrant will highlight the areas of life in which you want to express yourself. I call this Quadrant the "Warrior Quadrant;" and the archetype of the Warrior features strongly in your life and in your actions. You battle mightily in order to make your mark on the world in some way.

You may have a tendency to consciously (or unconsciously) look at life from the overly simplistic perspective of right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, us and them. Your strong urge for overcoming the unseemly, uncouth forces of evil may be beneficial in your life and put you in good stead. However the caution is that this urge could easily become disruptive when you inevitably become a little too caught up in whatever the ideal, principle, or cause in life that you're serving.

Scores: Eastern 20; Northern 7; Western 4; Southern 17
With this placement you tend to be a self-motivated and self-oriented individual. You enjoy being a pioneer - mapping out your own life and following your own unique path. You generally only experience difficulties when some poor unfortunate soul has the misfortune to stand in your way.

You strongly value your sense independence and strength, and you tend enjoy and revel in your own company. At the same time, you generally enjoy the company and companionship of other people, but only if and when they're willing to give you plenty of freedom for your own pursuits.

If would be helpful for you to keep a close eye out for potentially egocentric and selfish behavior on your part. The other thing to watch out for is that you can be so darned focused on what's up ahead that you fail to notice who's behind you (and stabbing you in the back).

Public life is often the high point for you. Personal satisfaction often comes from your achievements in the world, and you tend to learn the most about yourself through your interactions in the public arena. It's likely that you generally speak first and think things through while you're speaking. You probably formulate your best ideas by bouncing them off other people. Your unconscious need for a high public profile could be met through both your career and your social status. You need to make doubly sure that your achievements don't come at the expense of your loved ones.


With fiery, warmed-hearted, kingly Leo as your Ascendant guide on your journey - life for you is best viewed as a grand, dramatic, and creative project. The image that you generally project to those around you is that of being powerful, sunny, and enthusiastic. The ruler of your Ascendant is the Sun. Along with the (normally already important) Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant Sign - the ruling planet of your Ascendant will play an "enhanced role" in your life. So check this report out for any interpretation texts regarding the Sun's sign placement, house placement, and other planets which aspect the Sun. You'll read more about your Ascendant toward the end of this report.

You fear chaos and things around you getting out of control. Therefore you are likely to be quite particular about your own money and possessions. You may like to accrue material possessions in an orderly fashion. You value your ability to pay attention to detail, mostly because it's staves off all that nasty chaos.

You are likely to see yourself as a born social networker and/or problem solver. This is because you can normally see all of the many different sides of an issue and then help bring about a balanced resolution with your gift for objectivity.

You may have intense feelings about your home and family. You may have experienced intense emotions and volcanic drama all around you while growing up in your childhood home. As a result you may tend to be a wee bit secretive about your own home life as an adult.

You have a responsible approach to recreation. You enjoy organized activities and coordinating activities for other people. You may have a talent for putting together creative business plans.

You constantly undergo disruptions in your daily life. This makes daily life unpredictable and exciting.

You like the freedom to be an independent individual in your relationships. Your close partners will need to allow you much freedom or you'll get unreasonably cranky. You may find that you have a wee bit of difficulty committing yourself to one person. Or in the reverse, these may be the characteristics you (project and) admire in your partners.

You are likely to not be clear-headed whenever it comes to sharing other people's resources; this may be because you are suffering from confusion about what belongs to you alone and what belongs to the other person. A joint artistic endeavor might be a positive outlet. You may also experience confusion about your own sexual feelings.

You prefer learning about life through raw experience, rather than in the higher halls of academia. However, avenues of higher learning which might face you with challenges will appeal to your sense of fighting for achievement.

Fixed Earth - You prefer to be seen as some who is stable and reliable. You will choose a reliable and determined path.

You enjoy close and caring friendships. You like to take care of your friends. Friends become your family. Your goals and visions may involve establishing a home and hearth.

You may have difficulty in finding your own identity, and thus enjoy acting out the roles of other well known people.



Psst! Hey, you! Come over here! Yeah, that means you, Gemini! Pay close attention for a minute, because the Sun is the very heart of your natal chart. Of course, the Sun's zodiac sign placement is probably the one part of your birth chart which you were already at least quasi-aware of (unless you happen to be one of those folks born at the very beginning or end of a sign). Think for a second about some of the concepts generally associated with the energies of the Sun: Glowing, warmth, powerful, dependable, shining, cheery, life-giving, new growth, fiery, new beginnings, sunshine, bright skies, center of our galaxy,

In mythology, the Sun is further associated with the great sky god, the Great Father (as well as our own earthly father), gold and other treasures. In the birth chart, the Sun symbolizes the role of the Hero and the Royal Ruler.... and the Sun is the main character in your adventure and quest through this lifetime. The Sun reflects those heartfelt energies which need to be explored, developed and experienced in order for you to be more fully, wholly "you." But not everyone lets their Sun shine out. The Sun's energies are consciously developed over the course of a lifetime.

Gemini, ruled by the Roman messenger god, Mercury - is associated with communications, Mercury is the magician.... Mercury is the jester.... Mercury is lighter than air....

The Sun in the element of air.... stimulated mentally, detached perspective.... Motivated and recharged by intellectual concepts, social interchanges and the communication of ideas and/or ideals.... The element of air (barring other factors) tends to produce a fairly active mind. The world is approached with reason and everything (everyone) is open to analysis.

Gemini is curious, communicative, versatile and talkative. Curious, curious, curious.... I'll say it one more time -- curious. Gemini energy loves to know how things work. And Gemini energy thrives on knowing what makes other people tick. And when curiosity gets the better of Gemini energy, Gemini will say scandalous, shocking things or perform outrageous acts for no other purpose or reason than Gemini was curious and wanted to see what would happen.

Gemini enjoys knowing a little about everything, and Gemini can be the penultimate "jack of all trades, master of none...." Now, of course, I also know that Gemini can get a bit upset over this notoriety and their alleged expertise in skimming the surface of subjects. But tell the truth.... We both know it's a reputation which has been honestly earned (don't we, Gemini)? You can't kid a kidder!

Gemini's quick-witted mutable energy may at times appear to others as being scattered, disorganized and chaotic. But there's usually method to Gemini's madness! (Although, truthfully, sometimes even Gemini's constantly active right hand doesn't know what his/her constantly moving left hand is up to.) You may also have a maddening tendency to "bend" the truth at times. Gemini energy also tends to be rather skeptical of "eternal truths." Like Pilate (in the Gospel of John), your slogan might be: "What is truth?"

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. So Let Your Light Shine!

Gemini and Love (written to share with your mate, if you dare)
Your Gemini lover wants to fall desperately in love with his/ her best friend. The primary motivating factor behind the energy of your Gemini lover is that of gathering discordant, seemingly unconnected information and then synthesizing all of it together into ideas that are new, unique, and interesting. That's just a fancy way of saying that in matters of love - barring other factors in the chart - your Gemini lover is going to be an interesting, thought provoking, humorous, friendly, and stimulating conversationalist.

The old saying, "curiosity killed the cat" surely had your friendly and ever curious Gemini lover in mind. As such, your Gemini lover is going to be curious about "what makes you tick" - and he/she will ask you all about it.

Further, the old saying, "jack of all trades, master of none" surely had mentally active and flighty Gemini in mind. Your Gemini lover, ruled by the planet Mercury, is a born magician and mimic. Looking for a loudly roaring lion lover like Leo (try saying that five times in row)? Gemini can do it. Hoping for nice dependable stable Taurus? Gemini can do it. Dreaming of an Aries warrior? Gemini can fit the bill. Keep in mind, though, that mimicry is never quite the same as the "real thing."

Gemini is associated with the element of air - and, as such, may not be completely in touch and comfortable with his or her body. All of the Air signs get miffed at me when I say this, but chances are that your Gemini lover is not going to be a "touchie," "feelie," and/or "snugglely" lover. Your Gemini lover may even turn on and turn off his/her sexuality like a light switch. And after the "deed" is done, your curious Gemini lover will very likely want to talk about the experience in detail.

Another thing to keep in mind is your playful, friendly, and curious Gemini lover probably has a light side and a dark side. One moment Gemini can be "skipping the light fantastic," the next moment "darkness abounds and there is no goodness in the world." After a while, coping with this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing can get a wee bit taxing on the nerves.

For a good look at Gemini, trying reading up on the Greek hero, Odysseus. Life was a journey for quick thinking, quick talking Odysseus. In Homer's the Odyssey, Odysseus finally returned home after many years of being gone and lost at sea. Upon his arrival, he quickly learned that his enemies had boldly invaded and taken over his home - and they all had their eyes on claiming his beautiful wife, Penelope. Odysseus quickly realized that trickery and quick thinking was the only chance he would have of overcoming his many enemies. Odysseus cleverly disguised himself as an old feeble man, in order to walk among his enemies without being discovered. Then Odysseus went about methodically planning and then laying out a clever trap for his enemies. The trap worked - and he, his home, his wife, and his son were all set free.

Shadow: Your Gemini lover has a tendency to be a wee bit fickle when it comes to matters of the heart. Love 'em today, and tomorrow they bore you to tears. Love 'em the day after that, and the next day they're boring you again. Another tendency of some Gemini folks - due to having dualistic tendencies - some Gemini folks may give into and enjoy the stimulation of dating more than one person at a time. Often times, one love interest will fit into the nice, wholesome "girl (or guy) next door" type, and the other one… well… 'nough said on that… Finally, your continually curious Gemini lover may at times say and/or do shocking (perhaps cruel) things to you for no other reason than Gemini was curious about what your reaction would be.

Being somehow involved in larger social "the affairs of the world" is likely to be important to you. You will likely enjoy shining out when in the public arena. Profession, social status and marital status may become the lens through which you will choose to express yourself.

SEXTILE MARS Orb 3°50' Applying
Congratulations! This is an aspect that can greatly strengthen your Sun's energies. Astrologer Howard Sasportas once described Mars as the henchman for the Sun, and with the Sun and Mars in easy aspect they easily complement one another. Barring other factors in the chart, good health and strength is yours to enjoy. You can get the job done. You may always want to be physically fit by playing all kinds of sports. As a child you may have perceived of your father as being a potent, powerful individual. With Mars in friendly service to the Sun, you may have and enjoy opportunities for adventure. You can be positive and assertive (in a good way) when you choose to make the effort.

TRINE JUPITER Orb 5°28' Separating
Here's one of your gifts from the universe (if you choose to use it).... You can be generous and happy-go-lucky. You enjoy life and popularity. It would be unusual for you to go without comforts in life. You have a tendency to be lazy and self-indulgent. As a child you may have perceived of your father as being generous, happy-go-lucky and full of enthusiasm.

According to the British astrologer C.E.O. Carter, in traditional astrology having this aspect was thought to often bestow fortune and fame. I suppose that could be so.... in that case, could you lend me a couple of twenties until next Friday?

Actually I don't see all that many millionaires with this aspect. Bill Gates doesn't have Sun/Jupiter aspect (well he does have a very wide sextile). What I do quite often see is increasing mental powers. That also fits Bill Gates, doesn't it?

CONJUNCTION URANUS Orb 5°02' Separating
You are quite probably a rebel of sorts - but may also be a leader. You seek to be innovative and original. Others may see you as arrogant, willful and disruptive at times. You see life as always being full of surprises.

As a young child you may have perceived of your father as being distant, emotionally unavailable or perhaps, even totally missing from your life and/or home. Maybe it was just that his job kept him quite busy and away from the normal, everyday goings on of the family. Or maybe he was completely missing and had abandoned you and the rest of your family.

Although, you perceived your father as being somehow distant and/or unavailable - whenever he was around, you possibly saw him as being someone unique, exciting and electric. Or, on the other hand, maybe you just saw him as being undependable?

As an adult, you're determined to do things your own way and will dig in your heels if anyone tries to stop you. After learning to make peace with your sense of individuality, you may have the opportunity to become a unique and original leader.

You need to find a balance between your own original identity and the needs of other people. Reclaiming and integrating your inner Uranian energies is the surest way to stop encountering Uranus in the people you meet as an adult.

You may well find that events in life will move you to come to terms with your sense of who you are in order to express your fullest potential. You are perhaps one of those lucky people who is able to more easily align themselves with a destined sense of meaning and purpose for their life.


Regardless of whether you're a male or female, the very first love of your life was your mother (or if mom was absent, then another mother figure in your environment). The Moon symbolizes the unconscious, instincts, and what you need to feel nurtured in your life.

With the Moon in Sagittarius, you may have seen your mother as being fiery, fun-loving, adventurous, and independent. The Moon is the "place" where we go for comfort when scared.... and we tend to unconsciously nurture ourselves in much the same way our mothers nurtured and cared for us when we were very young children. You have an emotional need for adventure and independence, and you may have an instinctual urge for travel and exploring. Under stress you will want to go on an "Indiana Jones" adventure and may feel the temptation to head out for "greener pastures." You feel rejuvenated when sharing experiences, adventures, and good times with your friends. You enjoy meeting new and interesting people.

If you're one of those rough and tumble people who enjoys the greater outdoors, then take up a leisurely hobby like rock climbing to gain a heightened sense of relaxation. If you happen to prefer indoor, mental activities and adventures - then enroll for a challenging class at your local institution of higher learning. One characteristic of the Moon in Sagittarius (I've always been somewhat envious of) is if someone offends and/or hurts you? You're fully capable tossing back your shiny hair and saying "Kiss my ___, I deserve better than this, and I don't need you or the hassle. I'm out of here" (and really mean it).

As for relaxing vacations? If you're the athletic type, go ahead and save up for that special, skiing vacation in the Swiss Alps. If that's not quite your style, then attend a learning seminar in that faraway, exotic locale you've always had swimming around in the back of your head.

CG. Jung wrote, in The Development of Personality, "In every adult there lurks a child-an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention and education. That is the part of the human personality that wants to develop and become whole."

The Moon is generally a happy camper in this house. With the Moon in this house, your inner-child seeks to nurture itself and gain a sense of security through your family and traditional. The home and family life provide you with emotional sustenance. At home you feel safe.

OPPOSITION THE SUN Orb 1°43' Applying
You seek (often with much difficulty) a balance between your ego and feelings, your assertion and your empathy, and your masculine and feminine natures. This may be a result of the way you perceived the relationship of your mother and father while growing up.

There may have been in some manner serious disagreements between your mother and father. And just as they were at war with each other, now as an adult - you often conduct internal battles. This can lead to indecisiveness and lack of action.

Once you've resolved this inner conflict, you may develop the drive you need to achieve your goals. (And while this is certainly not a hard and fast rule, one of your parents may have played the role of both parents. The other parent may have been missing from the home.)

At some time or another there will be trouble with the opposite sex (like you needed an astrologer to tell you that). Seriously, though... having this aspect often leads one to having committed relationships and/or marriages with individuals whom you have little or nothing in common.

TRINE MARS Orb 5°34' Applying
Whenever the Moon and Mars get together, you've got heated emotions. A key word for the Moon is sensitivity and a key word for Mars is action.

When you choose to you can be assertive and are able to motivate yourself because you have self-confidence. You have the ability to recognize opportunities and make the most of them. You can, when you choose to, rise to a challenge.

As a man, you may have perceived your mother as being active and potent! As an adult - you may project this need onto your partners and be attracted to powerful sexual women.

SEXTILE JUPITER Orb 3°45' Separating
Here's one of your gifts from the universe (if you choose to use it).... You like to take the opportunity to be generous and kind. You have an optimistic approach to life. As an infant you may have perceived your mother being as exuberant and fun-loving. She may have seemed adventurous and exciting. As an adult, these are some of the same qualities you seem to need in your life to feel emotionally nurtured and secure.

QUINCUNX SATURN Orb 2°36' Applying
You are probably right to be cautious about trying new things, but need to occasionally take a few risks.

Unbeknownst to others, you may be painfully, secretly lacking in self-confidence. You may carry the belief that your emotional needs will never get met. As an infant you may have perceived a lack of warmth and affection from your mother. You may even have decided you were bad and unlovable.

As a result, as a young adult you may have been drawn to relationships with partners that couldn't respond to you in the manner that you needed. By instinctively being drawn to people who ultimately couldn't nurture your emotional needs - in this unconscious way you managed to turn all your worst fears about yourself into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As you grow older and work on your self-esteem you have the opportunity to build yourself a lasting maturity. You will have the opportunity to learn how to emotionally nurture yourself. And by learning to nurture yourself, you will as a result be able to have better, more emotionally satisfying relationships.

OPPOSITION URANUS Orb 3°18' Separating
You are a resourceful, inventive and independent person. You enjoy the unconventional side of life and need excitement. You will show the willful side of your nature if forced to conform.

As an infant you may have (rightly or wrongly) perceived of your mother as being somehow unique, exciting and electric - yet shaky and unreliable. She might have left you with the uneasy feeling that your safety and security could be disrupted in a brief flash! Your mother may (or may not) have been physically living in the home - but she somehow seemed distant, detached and not wholly there for you emotionally.

As an adult man you may unconsciously be attracted to relationships with independent partners that are somehow emotionally cold, detached and unavailable.

The Moon and Uranus are the original "Odd Couple." That's because the Moon craves closeness and Uranus craves independence. Whether man or woman - if you identify with only your Moon's need for closeness and deny your own inborn needs for independence and autonomy - then you will unconsciously, compulsively attract people into your life that will play the role of independent, rebellious, unreliable Uranus.

SEXTILE CHIRON Orb 6°17' Separating
You have the ability (to later in life) become a gifted emotional healer. Due to your own emotional experiences, you are able to face the painful side of life and share your experiences in a loving manner. You feel a deep sense of compassion for the plight's of others. You have a compassionate attitude to other people's pain.

Your sense of destiny tells you that you are being urged to come to terms with the emotional and intuitional side of your nature. You may have difficulty expressing your emotions, particularly in groups of people. However, this is an area in which you need to grow so that you can express your intuitional nature in a new way.


To the medieval alchemists, Mercury was the metal symbolizing duality - metallic yet liquid , matter yet spirit, cold yet fiery.... the metal uniting all the opposites.... the substance Mercury only adheres to precious metals; metaphorically Mercury can show us the way to find spiritual gold.... Trickster, Traveler, Guide of Souls....

Known to the Greeks as Hermes, the messenger god.... protector of athletes, thieves, travelers and merchants.... He is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of synchronicity. Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, 'stuck,' Mercury introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings - and the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings.

What type of learning best suited you as a child growing up?

The element that Mercury can often give insight and clues into the way a child (or adult) thinks.

A child with Mercury located in water will often think with his/her feelings, probing forward with ideas based on what "feels" and "smells" right.

With Mercury in Cancer, you place importance on communication within the family. Information about your family and its background is also important to you. For instance you may enjoy collecting family photos or studying family histories. You look after yourself and others by communicating emotional issues.

Communication with your friends will be important to you. You will want to share your thoughts and ideas with friends. You may also like to study with groups, or to join a group with common beliefs.

SQUARE NEPTUNE Orb 3°01' Separating
You may experience difficulty effectively utilizing your powers of discrimination. Your own thoughts and opinions can often (at inopportune times) become vague, confused, and difficult for you (and others) to pin down. If you can work on being a wee bit more practical - then your innate creative and artistic nature can start being more effectively expressed in your life.

SQUARE CHIRON Orb 6°03' Applying
You suffer greatly from believing that you are lacking in intelligence. You have difficulty believing in and asserting your own thoughts and opinions.


With Venus in Cancer, you place emphasis on family relations. You will form strong emotional bonds within your own tribe. You may have an emotional need for financial security.

You attract many friends and enjoy socializing with groups of people. You may take on a peace-making role within groups.

CONJUNCTION SATURN Orb 1°55' Separating
Uh oh! Love is serious business with you. Chances are that you have an unconscious life belief that "love is always hard and inevitably ends up in painful emotions." Because you unconsciously fear the destructive nature inherent in your relationships and commitment, in all of your many relationships you tend to either be the one in control or to choose a partner who tries to control you.

To compound matters, because of an innate fear of confrontation when in relationships, you may tend to shy away from any sort of emotionally ugly disputes. The problems may have originally started with your relationship with your parents. One of your parents may have been too strict and consequently you fear expressing yourself. All this is to say that your fears that "love is always hard and ends up in pain" often end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy based on the unhealthy way you act and react when in intimate relationships.

As you grow older it will helpful for you to better learn how to successfully relate to other people. The good news (and yes there is some very good news) is that your early in experiences limiting relationships can ultimately provide you with a firmer foundation on which to form a committed, satisfying, and lasting relationship.


Mars in the birth chart reflects your instinct to survive... aggression... assertiveness, and how you go about getting what you need to survive! Mars reflects: ME! ME! ME! (or in your case - YOU! YOU! YOU!) And contrary to popular belief - that's not all BAD! BAD! BAD!

Mars is that fiery burst of warrior energy that shouts out to you: "Hey! No matter how bad things get, no matter how hopeless things look... your life matters and you must survive!"

With this placement of Mars you have a strong need to express your personal creativity. You may display dramatic and confident behavior, and like to make an impact on your surroundings. You may also be arrogant.

Your sense of personal power is somehow eroded. You may experience uncontrollable emotional outbursts, seemingly out of the blue. You may be thin-skinned and vindictive. You may also feel a vague sense of loss of direction at times.

Hold the presses! Stop everything! This is definitely something to pay extra attention to! The longer I'm an astrologer, the more convinced I become that this sort of planetary placement may likely be one of the single most significant signposts in your chart. So... what can I say? It's time to pay a wee bit of extra attention.

This is a strong placement (in the power zone of the Warrior archetype) and will seek to 'color' your entire chart and persona with strong warrior attributes of Mars' energies.

In the most ancient of times the Babylonians knew what we now call the planet of Mars to be their war deity named Nergal. A later identification of the Greek with Babylonian names was supposedly started by the quite mystical Pythagoreans, and during this period of time the Greeks often called this fiery planet the "star of Hercules." (They thought all the planets were wandering stars.) Cool, eh? Bet you didn't know that the Mars was associated with the ever popular Hercules. Even from the most ancient of times, Hercules has always been an incredibly popular hero. He was undoubtedly the number one favorite hero of the ancient Greeks. Yep! There's just something special about good old Herc.

One small caution... in modern times the image of Hercules has been greatly softened up and refined. As such, we're all missing out on much of the impulsive, gritty, fiery, charge ahead, take no prisoners, and impulsive warrior energy of Hercules.

Positively, you are an active and energetic person, with plenty of spontaneity and drive to express your individuality. More negatively, you may sometimes be a little too blunt and straightforward. You may not always finish what you started with such great gusto and bravado.

One more thing Mr. Mars on the Ascendant (before you rush off) - I'm pretty sure the saying, "Look before you leap!" was referring specifically to you. Just remember that you can become so busy forging ahead and making new paths that you may often fail to notice that person sneaking up to stab you in the back or fail to notice the good friend (or good lover) that you left far behind.


"The ancient grand vision of Jupiter is hard for us to imagine today, and it is probably impossible for us to feel the awe with which such a cosmic force (or deity) was experienced." Stephen Arroyo

Zodiac Good Guy
Known to traditional astrology as the "greater benefic," Jupiter was the all around Zodiac Good Guy! In traditional astrology Jupiter wore an (almost) spotless white hat. Above all else, you wanted to ensure that the powers and influence of Jupiter were on your side!

With this placement of Jupiter you have a strong concern for justice. You are a diplomatic teacher, and express your spiritual values in your relationships.

Jupiter in the birth chart provides important clues regarding our greatest source of joy, fulfillment, inspiration, and potential for growth.

You gain great joy through your possessions. Your self-esteem tends to expand through increasing your money and possessions.

SQUARE SATURN Orb 6°21' Separating
You have a poor idea of your own abilities and tend to put yourself down. Don't compare yourself to others. Believe in your own abilities. Do not expect recognition from others. Work to reward yourself.

TRINE URANUS Orb 0°26' Separating
You have an enormous ability and energy to achieve. You set out to make changes in society and can do much. You avoid restriction and may live an unconventional life, breaking new ground in ways of living.

SEXTILE PLUTO Orb 7°24' Applying
You have a chance to achieve a great deal. Your knowledge is broad as you are interested in so many things. You may make a career in the occult or studying the deepest mysteries of life.

You have a zealous and idealistic side to your nature. You are constantly chasing rainbows, each one brighter than the last. You feel that you are on a mission. Your lesson is to trust your own inner wisdom. You will then have the ability to become a spiritual teacher of others based on the wisdom gained from your own experiences.


In Alice O. Howell's wonderful and insightful book, "Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages," she writes: "Saturn points to the shadow aspect of the psyche which needs understanding and ultimately appreciation, if not love. But it hurts to confront one's Saturn and acknowledge one's lacks."

The following is Alice O. Howell's list of basic needs and/or issues people may have to deal with when their Saturn is placed in a particular sign. However (as Ms. Howell adds) there are no hard and fast rules:

Cancer - irrational issues with needing someone to nurture, fear of loss, dealing with anxiety.

In dealing with Saturn and Karma, Ms. Howell goes on to tell this wonderful, enlightening story: "I am reminded of a helpful image from my youth: called simply the 'bottle game.'

I remember someone assembling a 'slalom course' of bottles at a beer party. They called for a volunteer to thread their way through the bottles without knocking any of them over. You were given three practice tries, and then taken out the door and blindfolded. When you re-entered the room, you then tried to repeat the feat, having memorized the course.

To shouts of astonishment and whoops of praise, I myself managed (with greatest caution and brilliant memory) to successfully avoid all twelve of the bottles!

Immediately, there was wild applause and excitement for my excellent performance in avoiding the bottles! I victoriously ripped off the blindfold, only to realize there was not a single, solitary bottle in sight! Everyone of the bottles had been removed before I came into the room for my try at the slalom.

This a good example of karma - we undertake the course of life, convinced that it's been set up to entrap us, but we have, in truth, entrapped ourselves."

Did you get that? The fears and limitations based on Saturn (The Lord of Karma) are ultimately based on illusion.

With this placement you may be emotionally inhibited and shy. You may feel isolated within your own family, and yet you will take your family responsibilities quite seriously.

The 11th house will be the main arena (or place) in your life where you most tend to experience crippling fears and limitations. Early in life (all the way up to and through young adulthood) you may somehow feel limited in the areas of life relating to your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. You are shy in groups of people and may end up having only a handful of serious friendships. You may carefully select your friends, or socialize mainly with colleagues.

Saturn has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


Uranus spends a long time in each sign and was in the sign of Gemini from 1942 to 1949. Since it spends such a long time in each sign, the sign interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position and aspects to Uranus. This is the generation which becomes focused on new forms of communication and the world's networks. Original and inventive ideas may spring to life.

You will enjoy an unconventional career through which you can contribute something original and worthwhile to society. You may feel restless within one profession, and find you sometimes want a total change in life direction.

SEXTILE PLUTO Orb 7°51' Separating
Your generation has a chance to right society's wrongs. Opportunities will be given to you to help in the formation of the new society.

TRINE CHIRON Orb 2°58' Separating
You have the gift of foresight. You are able to use your brilliant ideas to help humanity. You are able to initiate changes at a very deep level.

Your destiny is linked with the discovery of new and exciting thoughts and concepts. You need to make sure that you do not seek excitement at all costs, but direct your energies wisely. You are being challenged to make a contribution to humanity.


Neptune spends a long time in each sign and was in the sign of Libra from 1942/43 to 55/56. Neptune takes about 164 years to make its way around all twelve signs of the zodiac. Since it spends such a long time in each sign, the sign interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position and aspects to Neptune. Neptune ushers in trends and fashions.

The generation you belong to possesses the ability to view human relationships from a more spiritual overall viewpoint, rather than the rules and regulations of the previous (Virgo) generation. Unfortunately, it is here that some confusion over right human relations may reign. People of this generation will aim to achieve a balance in human relationships. This was the romantic generation that reintroduced the concept of finding your soul mate.

Each of us has an area in our lives where we're simultaneously inspired and lost. It's a place where we see but don't see. That's Neptune's house. In Neptune's house we may find that we are prone to loss and disappointment. On the other hand Neptune's house can be a place of imagination, wonder, and beauty... lit from within by our soul's longings and desires. With Neptune in the 2nd house, you may have a tendency to be unrealistic in your assessment of your own self worth. There may also be a lack of clarity surrounding money and possessions. One suggestion is to begin linking monetary values with spiritual values.

SEXTILE PLUTO Orb 4°12' Separating
You belong to a generation which may be able to bring about real, powerful, social changes. Yes! You, too, can be a part of this growing movement for positive changes in government and human rights. Problem is, this generation could just as easily get lazy and let the opportunity to make these momentous changes pass them by. The paranormal and the occult (occult just means "hidden") are more easily given credence than has been the case in recent generations.


Pluto spends a really long time in each sign and was in the sign of Leo from 1939 to 56/57 Slow poke Pluto takes about 248 years to make its way around all twelve signs of the zodiac. Since it spends such a long time in each sign, the sign interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position and aspects to Pluto. Pluto ushers in upheaval and transformation. This is the generation of power. People of this generation have the ability to use power both positively and negatively. World power and leadership will also be important issues for these people.

The astrological house where Pluto, god of the underworld, is located is where he will potentially have the most personal effect in your life.

However, as astrologer Richard Idemon so aptly pointed out, dark and mysterious Pluto can be quite difficult to integrate into the psyche. Thus, for some people, the astrological house where Pluto resides goes underground and becomes invisible.

Don't let this happen to you! If you allow Pluto to go underground, you may then find yourself constantly at the center of crises and calamities without understanding why.

With Pluto residing in the 12th house, you may discover that at some point in your life will you have a pressing need to explore the unconscious realms, possibly even becoming obsessed with making the unknown conscious.

Also... this will likely sound a wee bit odd, but you may later in life discover that it's up to you to redeem yourself from a fated and inherited family curse of some sort. Don't worry. When the time comes... you'll know what needs to be done...

SEXTILE CHIRON Orb 4°52' Applying
You have the ability to be a catalyst in your daily life, helping others face and heal their emotional pain.


In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur. Centaurs were creatures that had a horse's body and legs, yet they had a human's torso and arms. As a rule, these half-horse, half-human Centaurs had the reputation for being wild and unbridled critters, being primarily known for their insatiable sexual appetites. They belonged to the wild "Dionysian crowd." You know - the sort of unsavory folks your parents warned you about hanging out with (so they fascinated you all the more). And, for the most part, centaurs weren't exactly on very friendly terms with mortals.

The centaur, Chiron, was the exception to this centaurian rule. Chiron was known as a wise teacher, healer and prophet. The Greek mythology encircling the figure of Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is of great assistance in acquiring a deeper understanding of the energies reflected by the Chiron in our sky. In the birth chart, Chiron reflects the archetypal energies of the shamanic wounded healer and teacher who potentially lives within each one of us. Chiron's placement in the birth chart reflects an accidental wounding we received (most often, but not always, in early childhood). This Chironian wounding is an injury to our instinctual nature and a wounding of trust.

The wounding was generally brought about as the result of a stupid, careless, thoughtless accident... so normally there's no one who can be blamed with purposely, intentionally, maliciously wounding us. The wounding was generally done by someone close to us... someone we thought well of and trusted.
So the wounding is a wounding of trust... And, further... a Chironian wound is an injury that will never, ever totally heal. We learn, suffer, and ultimately grow in soul from dealing with this sensitive area of wounded instinct and trust... but the wounding will never totally heal and go away.

This Chironian wounding can, later in life and after much personal struggle, then become a special area where we can help others by the sharing of our healing and teaching abilities.

With Chiron in Libra the imbalance of relationships, both personal and impersonal, causes you pain. You will also feel vulnerable to injustice. You may have suffered in an early relationship with a parent figure of the opposite sex. You will learn much through relationships, and may become a counselor.

With Chiron in the 2nd house you fear suffering pain through financial loss and/or fear financial insecurity. Early emotional wounds may have lead to poor self esteem. Your search for self worth may mean that you are able later in life to help others find their own worth.

Chiron has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


"Mission Impossible"

The North Node describes a special quest and/or assignment in an area of personality growth development that we are given by the Universe. I might as well tell you up front that our North Node Quests are NOT easy. In fact, for the most part, your North Node Quest is NOT going to be something that you find fun, enjoyable, and/or palatable. Normally, the North Node Quest is NOT something that you especially want to do and/or that you're particularly "good at." The North Node Quest is most generally going to be an area of life and/or a behavior style that you're (spoken gently) rather lousy at. But hey... it builds character! All in all, I guess you might say that the North Node Quest is your very own "Mission Impossible."

Your North Node Quest, should you choose to accept it, is a quest to learn to see life from other people's points of view and to become adept in the art of communication. (Hey now... I warned you in advance that you wouldn't like it.) Sounds simple and straightforward enough... but is it really? You have a tendency to be restless and scattered. In your own personal "Mission Impossible," you will encounter innumerable "opportunities" to develop focus and the ability to communicate your ideas in a way that helps the many people in your life. Okay now, I don't want to hear any grumbling in the chorus. Easing up on you for a just a second... the truth is... most folks are never fully able to accomplish their North Node Quest. Would it help if I confessed that I'm not currently doing all that well on my North Node Quest? My only suggestion is: just try not to blow it TOO badly... (This page will self-destruct in 10 seconds.)

This is a quest for dignity in the eyes of the world. You need to repay your past life karma with understanding and compassion after which maturity will follow.

The North Node has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


The Ascendant is your guide on the hero's journey through this lifetime. It's been said that our Sun represents our wants, our Moon represents our needs, and our Ascendant represents our outer behaviors.

With kingly and royal Leo on the Ascendant, life is best viewed as a grand creative project. Your self-expression is powerful, warm, sunny, and enthusiastic. You are generous, fun-loving, and absolutely love and enjoy being the center of attention.

With your Ascendant in Leo, the Ruling Planet of your chart is the Sun. So even more than normal, pay a little extra attention to the description of Sun in your chart (Sign, House, and Aspects).

By the way....I wish I had a nickel for every time someone told me 'that can't be my Ascendant, I'm not like that! I don't act like a Leo!' Often the Ascendant's energies are so close to us that we're the last ones to recognize it. Give it some time to grow on you...

The Fire energy of royal Leo can be assertive, competitive, ambitious and full of confidence for the future. Fire energy learns best when actively engaging in and grabbing hold of life. Fire loves adventure and hates routine! I suppose you've heard the phrase, "Fake it, till you make it!" Well, Leoian energy often builds self-confidence, by putting on demonstrations and shows of bravado. By acting self-confident, Leoian energy becomes self-confident in truth as well as deed.

"It's all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back." Mick Jagger, Sun in Leo British singer

As fixed fire, Leoian energy is much more self-reflective and inner-directed than the average person might ever suspect. Although, since you're reading this description, it means your Ascendant is placed in Leo and that morsel of insightful information shouldn't be much of a revelation. Over the years you've learned that, first and foremost, you have to be able to live with and please yourself. You have the strong, burning inner-desire for self-authenticity. So, "to thine own self be true" could be another really good Leoian motto.

Ruled by the Sun, creative Leoian energy is colored by an overall strong sense of drama and "bigness." Leo sees the "big picture" of possibilities for the future and for success. Playful, creative, warm-hearted, and risk taking are all characteristics common to Leonians who are living out the fullest potential of their birth Ascendant placement.

Let's do something extra special for the Zodiac Sign of Leo ruled by the Sun. Rather than doing the normal thing, looking to Greek mythology, I thought I'd suggest your reading a special story that Rabbi (and astrologer) Joel Dobbins calls the story of the first "star-crossed" lovers in the Judaic/Christian scriptures.

I don't mind telling you that this was one of my very favorite bible stories while growing up. The story I want you to read is a story of big action, big violence, big lust, big betrayal, big game playing, big bets, big egos, big revenge, and (last, but not least) big hair. And no, believe it or not, it's not the story of my life…

According to Rabbi Dobbins, it's an "opposites attract" biblical love story between a Leo man (ruled by the Sun) and an Aquarius woman (ruled by Saturn and Uranus). It's the story of Samson and Delilah, and it can be found in the Old Testament Book of Judges. Samson is the incredibly strong guy who couldn't cut his hair, killed a lion, was betrayed by his woman Delilah, ended up blind, and (in the end) managed to singlehandedly bring down a pagan temple.

So why, you might ask, does Rabbi Dobbins call Samson and Delilah "star-crossed" lovers? One of things that Rabbi Dobbins knows (that you likely don't know) is that the name Samson literally means, "Belonging to the Sun." Even more interesting (and more "telling") is that Delilah's name means, "she of Aquarius." Aquarius is the Zodiac Sign opposite the Zodiac Sign of Leo ruled by the Sun.

According to Rabbi Dobbins, the story of Samson is divided into two parts, the prologue and the main tale concerning Delilah. The period of time that passes between the prologue and the story of Delilah is 20 years. The prologue, which is the longer part of the story, establishes the character of Samson. The character revealed in the prologue is that which is, oh so, typical of a young studdly Leo male in his prime. The Delilah part of the story tells us of an older Leo past his prime. (And do any of you old hippie types out there remember Sun Sign Leo David Crosby's "Leo anthem" of the late 1960s "I Almost Cut My Hair.")

If you can't remember (or if you've never heard) the details of the full story, then maybe it's time to dig out that Bible you've likely got tucked away somewhere. Another option is watching the classic 1949 movie "Samson and Delilah" as directed by Cecil B Demille. It's a wee bit difficult to find on DVD, but occasionally shows up on TV. Before moving on, I want you to understand that this is indeed a serious suggestion for getting a better feel for the energies of Leo. No really, it is...

Leo's Pride: Even if you happen to hook up with one of those more shy, quiet, and introverted Leo lovers - you will invariably be able to see the natural born autocrat shining out from within, while magnanimously ruling his or her own inner kingdom.

Taking a very long stroll down memory lane, I remember attending a social gathering one evening, where I happened to lay eyes on one of these shy, quiet, and introverted Leo kittens.

I first saw her as she sat quietly on her throne, holding court while surrounded by her gentlemen pursuers. Without speaking a single word - from way across the other side of a crowded room - this shy and unassuming Leo kitten literally shined and glowed with regal majesty. Sitting there, she naturally displayed what I can only describe as an unmistakable aura of warmed hearted, generosity of spirit and regal glory.

Without knowing why, each (and every one) of the males at the party was mesmerized by her quiet, yet regal and larger than life demeanor. Each of us was scrambling and jockeying for the opportunity to momentarily bath our spirit in her warm and royal presence. I now know that her ability to shine so very brightly was due to a mysterious, inexplicable inner source of power (called Leo).

So how do I know she was a Leo Ascendant kitten? That's a silly question! She left the party with me, of course.

This little story is also a clue and/or insight into the nature of Leo (the lion), as in nature most Leos ruling their kingdom are going to (in some manner) be surrounded by a "pride" of admirers. Whether this "pride" of Leo admirers is comprised of actual lovers or just friends ultimately depends upon what evolutionary level your royal Leo is living on.

Examples of some famous folks having had the Ascendant in Leo include Willie Nelson (my personal musical hero), Marilyn Monroe, Glenn Close, Mohammad Ali, and (perhaps coolest of all) Gandhi. Just so you don't get too big for your britches, the mass murderer Ted Bundy also had this placement.

One final caution is in regard to your immense sense of pride. You can get a little too stubborn in protecting your fierce sense of pride. Sadly, your fierce stubbornness can leave you feeling right and justified, but all alone. Do yourself a favor and leave yourself open to the possibility of compromise.

The ascendant forms the 1st house cusp in most house systems, so this placement has no particular meaning.

The Ascendant has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


You will likely require routine and stability in your career, and thus will choose a reliable and determined path. This is just a wild guess, but you may be attracted to a traditional career handling money and finances.

Okay... okay... if I just failed miserably... then you do likely want to be seen as someone who is reliable, steadfast, dependable, and down to earth. You will likely succeed best when approaching your career and/or public life in a slow, steady, persistent, practical, and stubborn manner. Taurus is the strong, firm, and calm hand at the wheel that makes everyone else feel much better and safer by knowing Taurus is there and in control.

The Midheaven forms the 10th house cusp in most house systems, so this placement means less than diddley.

The Midheaven has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


For you, freedom and eccentricity equals joy. Your happiness comes from enjoying non-conformity and doing the unexpected.

Organization and work enriches your daily life. For you, daily routine equals joy. You need to avoid dwelling on a nebulous universal picture.

Pt Fortune has no aspects to subsequent chart points.

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