In Search of the Erogenous Zones

I am interested in particular signs' erotic areas.  I've seen one book that
describes special erogenous zones for particular signs.  I'd like to know
if you have any info regarding this. Thank you.

I admit it. I've given in to the temptation of thumbing through a few of these astrology books which purport to show how to most effectively "turn on" your lover by the use of special erotic zones.

From what I could tell, many of these erotic zone lists are based on the various body parts most often associated with each of the twelve signs (not all of the lists are the same).

And as a dedicated astrologer (seeking to further his knowledge of weighty matters), it obviously took a lot of grueling time and effort in order to adequately field test these alleged Zodiac erogenous zones.... (Boy, the sacrifices I've made for the sake of astrology!)

The verdict is however in, and I'm afraid I don't see much to it all....

A Few Examples....
Take for example Taurus....

The sign of Taurus is most often related to the neck and shoulders.

So theoretically -- paying extra attention to the neck and shoulders of folks strong in Taurean energy will turn them on more than a back rub would.

But the fact is.... for many folks strong in Taurean energy, their entire body tends to be one huge wonderful erogenous zone.

Pisces is the sign most often associated with the feet, so foot massage is supposedly guaranteed heat them up. Aries is the sign related to the head, so a scalp massage allegedly drives them wild with passion.

Scorpio is the lucky sign most often associated with the genitals....

But please tell me it's not so.... that given their druthers, someone with their Sun in Pisces or Aries would really prefer having their feet or scalp massaged?

"Oh, no baby.... I'd rather have a foot massage...."

Nope. I think the better way to go about this whole erogenous zone thing is by using the (tried and true) techniques of trial and error and by (gasp) simply asking your lover what they most enjoy.

Secret Powers of Seduction?
Okay.... Okay....

Maybe I've missed the whole point of your question -- and the books you're referring to are allegedly filled with secret astrological techniques through which one can effectively gain powers of seduction over an unwitting person of a particular Zodiac sign?

With the idea being:

If you begin your attempted seduction by massaging a Piscean's feet -- then your chances of seducing this poor, unsuspecting, sensitive, sensuous creature of mystical Neptune are vastly improved?
If that's the case -- then referring back to lucky old Scorpio (the sign most often associated with the genitals)....

When trying to seduce a Scorpio, I highly recommend NOT trying to head straight for a Scorpio's genitals. That's a sure fire way to get arrested and end up in jail!

I don't know....

Secret powers of seduction via knowledge of astrology and secret body zones sounds pretty lame to me.

Okay.... I confess, it sounds like something I woulda tried back in the days when I was a young feller and totally clueless about the mysterious ways of women.... (now, I'm an old feller and still totally clueless about the mysterious ways of women).

Instead, I suggest wearing an effective deodorant, using a good cologne, displaying an excellent sense of humor and offering to wash the dishes.

Here's a fun approach to the subject of Sun Sign Seduction (The Do's and Don't of Seduction) written by the ever popular Kelli Fox at Love.Astrology.Net.

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