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"The only bad planet is the planet that isn't honored..." Richard Idemon

Hush! Stay Very Quiet!

Hush... stay very quiet and keep your voice down... and then maybe, just maybe... if you're really, really careful... keep a low profile, and don't draw attention to yourself - then, perhaps, you'll luck out and the dreaded planetary "Lord of Karma," Saturn, won't take notice of you as he passes your way.


Yep! This was the sage advice that the ancients gave when nasty old Saturn was passing by.

The Reputation

Yes, old man Saturn has built up quite a reputation for himself over the years.

Astrologer/author (oft times, humorist), Michael Lutin jokes that the only good placement for Saturn is in someone else's chart.

Truth is, generally, one of the first things an astrologer looks for in the chart of a client that comes in "distraught" or "troubled" is: Where's Saturn? What's Saturn up to, now?

Saturn, Astrology's Bogey Man
(with affinities to Capricorn and the 10th house)

It's Not Just a Car that used to be Made in
Spring Hill, Tennessee.)

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