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Glue Factory
What's Astrological Saturn, Lord of Karma, got to do with
love, romance, and relationships?

Plenty... but it's not necessarily the "feel good" stuff… Saturn seems to reflect the "glue of obligation" that strives to hold on to long-term, committed relationships and keeps people together. In chart comparisons (synastry) when another person's birth Saturn sits right on top of the your birth Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other personal planet (i.e., Mercury, Venus, Mars) - it reflects the relationship has a feeling of "Karmic" obligation.

You feel as if you "owe" something to the other person.

Now, I'm not interested in convincing anyone about Karma, reincarnation, the afterlife, etc. Everybody's got their own opinion (and nobody really knows).

The bottom line is however that Saturn reflects the fact you have a "feeling" of obligation to the other person. It doesn't matter whether it's a past life obligation, a present life obligation, or just an inexplicable feeling in the bottom of your gut. The feeling is there, regardless - and it gives you a sense of commitment and responsibility for the other person.

Astrologers have noticed this connection in the charts of married couples for years and years. So the only controversy is whether it's healthy or not…

Too much of a good thing?
Too much of this Karmic Saturn glue can get awfully heavy, sticky and messy.

Earlier in this section on Saturn, I mentioned the effects someone "stepping" on your Saturn. It's downright uncomfortable having someone who knows the right "buttons to push" that reveal your greatest weaknesses and vulnerabilities. If the relationship doesn't have a lot more going for it than the Saturn contacts - then eventually this sense of obligation and commitment wears awfully thin.

Just look around you at all the twenty and thirty year marriages that suddenly, out of the blue and out of nowhere, get thrown out the window.

The partner who finally gets up the gumption to leave such a relationship will often tell folks:

  • "I don't know why I stayed with him/her so long… All the love was dead a long, long time ago…."

  • Or "We stayed together for the sake of the children…"

  • Or "We stayed together for financial reasons…"
But without the glue? Without the glue - our relationships don't have that "stick-to-it" quality which is so desperately needed during all those "hard to carry on," stressful times in our lives...

If there's no sense of "we're in this thing together" (for better or for worse)... then somebody's gonna to be out the door in less than a nano-second, when the inevitable harsh wolfish winds bear down on a flimsily built house that was constructed with nothing more than straw, sticks, and mud.

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