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Our final stop on the love journey is agape with affinities to Aquarius.

Agape - with affinities to Aquarius - says that I love you enough to let you be more fully and completely who you are. Agape is not a sexless, nonphysical love - nor is Aquarius a sexless sign. True Agape brings with it everything previously learned in Epithemia (Taurus), Phileo (Leo) and Eros (Scorpio).

Step Forward
But Agape goes a step forward from eros, because it involves my loving you enough to let you go - if being fully, completely yourself means not being with me. Aquarian agape energy is therefore able to detach.

Aquarian energy says: "I love you for being yourself... I love you so very much - that even if it means, you must go away from me to be fully yourself... then you must assuredly go - and I send all my love with you..."

Remember the lyrics of that old song by Sting? -

"If you love somebody, set them free."
(Spoken like a true Sun Sign in Air.)

This can be really tough for some folks... And, okay - I openly admit it... letting go and detaching is my single toughest challenge on the Journey of Love through the Zodiac.

I don't do this letting go stuff very well at all. I can literally hang on and allow myself to emotionally suffer (eros) for months and months and months. (does this ring a bell with anybody?)

This Aquarian love is most certainly no sloppy agape...

Darker Side
But lest I become guilty of overly romanticizing the Aquarian love of agape... Like all the other Zodiac Signs, the Aquarian love of agape has its darker side. Aquarius can often become too detached from the earthy sensuality of Taurus, the fiery heart of Leo, and the passionate desire experienced in Scorpio....

The temptation of Aquarius is then to become the archetypical "Iceman" of the Zodiac. Aquarian love then becomes icy, cold detachment and total isolation.... with the "Iceman" forever escaping into the safety of his/her own high ivory tower of intellect and lofty ideals.

The detachment of Aquarius becomes a safe tower where no one can ever again touch (and hurt) the "Iceman...."

So in summing up

Epithemia says I love you because you're mine
(and because your skin feels awful nice next to mine)

Phileo says I love you because I love the wonderful,
joyous way I feel when I'm with you
Eros says I love you because I love the passionate,
intense desire we invoke in each other

Agape says I love you because
you're completely, totally, uniquely you

And thus ends our Zodiacal journey through the vast mysteries of love... We're now beginning our descent into the Love Menu area. So, we ask that you please return your seat backs and tray tables to their fully upright, locked position, and extinguish all smoking materials. On behalf of Zodiac Master Airlines, we hope you've enjoyed your flight and will fly with us again soon. Have a pleasant afternoon.

To learn more on the four stages of love:

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written by Richard Idemon
(only recommended for those with a previous knowledge of astrology)
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