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Welcome to Dr Z's Astrology Menu!

Dr Z's Astrology Planetarium features unique articles and tutorials on many of the vibrant and living archetypal symbols, energies, and mythology of astrology.


Dr Z's Planetarium
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  • Astrology and Jung - Articles related to Jungian Depth Psychology and Astrology. Interested in the growth of the soul? Then this section is for you.
  • The Weird and Wonderful - Odd and interesting astrology facts, history, and such.

  • Back To The Basics - includes the redesigned Dr Z Crash Course on the basic how's and why's of interpreting a birth chart and much more.

  • Deep End of the Pool - a few advanced astrological topics.

  • Forecasting - a series of articles on basic predictive astrology.

  • Mercury Retrograde - what it is and how to deal with it.

  • Venus Retrograde - what it is and how to deal with it.

  • Chiron (or Please Don't Squeeze the Shaman) - discover the wounded healer in the birth chart.

Note: Nope, just as you surmised, the Zodiac Master is not your typical, "bread and butter," and "run-of-the-mill" Sun Sign astrology site. The ancient art of astrology is spoken, practiced, and taught at this site. So anyone getting totally lost, confused, and/or just generally ticked off while attempting to decipher the Astrology Menu is strongly encouraged to check out this Frequently Asked Question.

Or if you're just plain miserable and/or confused; then run, don't walk, to Dr Z's Sun Sign site, Astrology with Dr Z.

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