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IV - Houses

Finally, in this Crash Course we come to the astrological houses...

Yep... I still remember when first learning all of this stuff... by the time the discussion finally turned to the "houses" - I began to feel a wee bit panicky inside.

Truth is... it was (and is) all becoming a major information overload!

Later on... I finally discovered that there'd been no real reason to panic - because simply put: The houses are just the 12 places where stuff happens.

See! That's not so scary... and here's a shortcut...

There are 12 houses... and there are 12 zodiac signs... and so... (maybe) there might be a connection?

Yes! They're similar!

Not identical, mind you... and some purists would have my head... but they are definitely similar in general themes... sooooo,  once you eventually start to gain an feel for the 12 zodiac signs - then you can begin to roughly relate the 12 signs to the general themes of the 12 houses. Like any shortcut, it's not perfect.

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