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Your site is wonderful. I found lots of answers to the questions and mud in my mind about astrology and interpretations.
Do you do natal charts as well?  Can you recommend someone for me?  I'd be willing to pay if the price was reasonable. I am very hesitant about doing my own chart and doing the interpretations because I don't know all I need to know. If you have time, I would love it if you could give me some guidance.

Thank you,

Thanks for the kind email... yep, due to popular demand and my strange desire to pay my water and light bills each month, I am now offering certain limited readings and reports in StarryMart.

However, having said that, I'm still a strong supporter of local astrology and face to face readings. I think you, as a client, miss out on so much of the total experience and package when receiving any sort of a long distance reading, i.e. a reading with the astrologer not physically in the room.

With all that said... I'm now (with the pandemic) considering the possibility of doing long distance video readings. So stay tuned...

Support Your Local Astrologer
And truth is... some of the very finest astrologers around have never written a blog or a book, managed and/or designed a web site... and usually these fine astrologers happen to live in your very own hometown (or within a reasonable driving distance)...

Yep... I'm still stuck in the stone age, but in my estimation, you are generally going to get "more bang for your bucks" when obtaining a face to face reading from a local astrologer! There just seems to be something special about the "ritual" space created in:

    • the act of calling and setting up the appointment
    • the anticipation -  formulating questions in your head and waiting for the day of the appointment to arrive
    • and then finally in going to see the astrologer (and wondering on the long drive over whether the astrologer has two or three heads)...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
When looking for a local astrologer, you'll discover that - like any other profession or trade - there are the good, the bad, and the ugly practitioners of astrology, all of them ready and waiting out there...

But think about it for a moment... what do you normally do when you're looking for a dentist, a plumber, an electrician or a roofer? The very first thing you normally do is check around and see if anyone you know has done business with a professional that they could recommend. It's really no different with finding a good local astrologer. Check with your friends and other people you know - and see if any of them have someone good to recommend.

If that doesn't pan out... another way to find an astrologer is head on over to your local New Age book store. More than likely there's going to be some sort of bulletin board with the names and numbers of astrologers on it. (Probably, a couple of the people that work at the bookstore are astrologers...)

My First Time
The first time I went to see an astrologer in order to have my birth chart read... that's what I did. I went to the local New Age bookstore... found their list...
(I wasn't so sure I wanted any of my friends and acquaintances to know I was looking for one of those wacky, far out, strange astrologers.)

From the list I then picked the names and telephone numbers of three astrologers that seemed to "feel okay" to me...I then called each one of the astrologers and asked a few questions... the third one I called "clicked" - I "knew" right away I'd found the "right one..."

I've often been asked by readers:

"What were the questions that you asked the astrologers?"


I just told you that it was my first time seeing an astrologer, and I knew less than diddley about astrology... Don't worry, you'll know the "right" questions to ask...

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