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Scorpio and The Eagle's Nest

This section of Dr Z's Astrology Planetarium is devoted solely to material regarding the ancient, dark, mysterious, and often misunderstood 8th sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio (with affinities to the 8th House and Pluto)

Did you know that Scorpio is the only Tropical Zodiac Sign of the 12 traditionally associated with more than one symbolic image:

In modern times astrologer Linda Goodman imaginatively added in the non-traditional grey lizard, astrologer Alice O Howell added in (believe it or not) the dove, and multiple sources point to the serpent being the most ancient Scorpio association.

Of course... none of these serpent advocates ever does us the favor of providing documentation of this ancient serpent association.

And since a 12 sector Babylonian Zodiac - that included Scorpio as a Scorpion in a starring role (via the star Antares: alpha Scorpii) - appeared no later than 5th century BC, they must be talking really ancient.

Scorpio, a fixed water signis co-ruled by the planets Pluto (modern ruler) and Mars (ancient ruler).

As one of the archetypal Signs of the Zodiac that typically falls into shadow, Scorpio often gets more than its share of "bad press." So it is my desire that all members of the Zodiac circle will come and explore the paradoxical heights and depths of energy contained within the ancient, mysterious, and dark sign named Scorpio.

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Yes, my friends... each and every Zodical energy, including Scorpio, has its own unique and honored place within the circle of experience and life.

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