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Epithemia (with affinities to Taurus)

To the Greeks, Epithemia represented part of what we humans have in common with the other animals. Epithemia was the instinctive urge for touching, caressing, and procreation.

According to astrologer, Richard Idemon, Epithemia is that physical, sensual, sexual urge expressing itself as an inner-tension in the body that needs to be relieved. And according to Idemon, the closest match we've got for Epithemia in the English language is probably the word, "horny."

To the Greeks... there was little, if any, shame attached to these basic needs and instinctual drives of the body. The Greeks recognized Epithemia as natural needs that the body had.

Epithemia was not

  • romanticized
  • eroticized
  • or moralized.

Primitive Survival Signs
According to British astrologer Walter Sampson (early 20th century) in his book Zodiac - the Epitome.... the first four signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer) are primitive, elemental, childlike survival signs. (i.e. There is only "me" and my survival at stake.)

Among these survival signs, Taurus is the Zodiac sign specifically associated with survival "through an awareness of the senses."

Taurus is typically associated with the garden of paradise... and as such Taurus reflects a childlike innocence and naiveté concerning the senses and the natural fulfillment of their instinctual needs.

It's become a well documented fact that young children can have everything else they need to survive... but if not touched, held or caressed by their parents - children may quite literally physically wither away and die. It's been discovered that even an innocent enough 30 second hug releases chemicals in our bodies that provide the hugger and the huggee with an irrational sense of well-being.  

As adults, we haven't somehow magically outgrow our basic need for physical contact with another person.

As adults, we're still

hungry to be touched

hungry to be held

and hungry to be caressed.

Venus, Ruler of Taurus

And if Venus (Aphrodite) the goddess of love, that rules the sign of Taurus, is not honored in us - she, then, becomes an angry, ugly, uninvited guest who inevitably stirs up a whole world of trouble. She will stir up trouble until she finally receives her rightful invitation into our individual lives or into the life of our society.

Testimony of the uglier, angrier nature of archetypal Venus is much in evidence - right here - on the darker side of the Internet.

Next on our journey of love through the Zodiac is the romantic, playful love of the adolescent Leo, as seen in phileo.

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