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Enter the sign of Scorpio and Eros

According to Richard Idemon, the seduction of Eros occurs: "when two or more separate entities combine in such a way that they are totally transformed by the experience."

Scorpio and Eros are often typically associated with sex and sexuality. However, Idemon reminds us that (unfortunately) not all sexuality is truly "erotic..." Not all experiences of our sexuality are truly transformative. And eroticism (contrary to popular belief) does not necessarily involve sexual union with another person...

Death of Ego
Eros always involves death of the ego, emotional merging and shared transformation with another entity.
For example - the passion of Eros can take place between the artist and the erotic object of her/his art."

Likewise, the emotional catharsis we experience in a crowded movie theater full of strangers will most likely be more truly erotic than a meaningless "jump in the hay" with a stranger.

Souls and Psyches
In The Love Journey, Scorpionic eros desires much more than the mere physical merging of bodies (that's Taurus). Eros desires to merge souls and psyches. For erotic Scorpio, sex is not only for purposes of self-pleasuring. The erotic connection for Scorpio
involves finding ways to give the other entity pleasure.

The energy of Scorpio is inspired and stimulated by arousing, awakening, and transforming someone (or something) other than the self....

Archetypically, Taurean epithemia love is interested specifically in the lusty merging of bodies. Epithemia is sex for self-pleasure's sake.

Taurus might sometimes forget the other person's there - but Scorpio never does... Eros is associated with Scorpio and Pluto, and with the passionate watery quality of love. This is a passionate love which involves pain and suffering.

Pain, Risk and Suffering
Eros implies that all love involves pain and risk.
There's a suffering quality to Eros, simply because we know that wonderful moment of ecstasy - that moment of psychically joining and merging - cannot possibly last forever.

Death Risk is present in Eros, because the merging of souls involves a death of the individual's ego which may or may not result in rebirth and transformation with "the beloved."

There are no guarantees in Eros. But in order for something new to be born - something must die...

Eros is contains an ecstatic kind of feeling, a feeling nearing the level of religious ecstasy and catharsis. And the erotic experience rightly belongs to the realm of the religious, the mystical, and the creative.

It's an intensely powerful feeling that can be quite overwhelming.

Eros Refused?
If, on the other hand, Eros is refused - not honored or given life - Eros and the god Pluto (Hades) who rules Scorpio then becomes the uninvited god.
And Pluto has a nasty way of dragging you down to the underworld, where there is no life - into the land of the living dead.

Then - that same passionate intensity which accompanied us into the heights of erotic love - accompanies us into the depths of the underworld....

"Eros is the world's greatest teacher...." Plato

But Eros is not the final destination on our journey of love... as the final stop on our journey through the Zodiac is with the sign of Aquarius and agape.

(Continue the Love Journey)

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