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Creating the Perfect Lover Through Astrology
aka: The Bride of Frankenstein

Many astrology programs and services offer compatibility readings with ratings based on the birth info of two people. Can you work backward using one person's birth info find when and where someone compatible might have been born?

Great minds (or is that maniacal minds) must think alike, my friend. Years ago, I briefly experimented with this very same idea... I don't know about you, but at the time I was in the midst of a "relationship valley." And so I decided, being a cracker jack expert astrologer, that I was going to create myself the “perfect chart” to go with mine.

Since this was before the advent of the internet, I'm clueless as to what I thought I was going to do with this perfect chart.

The Recipe
Being a practical sort of fellow, I thought I’d begin with a pinch of Saturn in order to give the relationship a sense of obligation and longevity; and then I'd throw in plenty of Venus and Jupiter for oodles of good, positive feelings. Then I'd mix in double whammy cross aspects between Mars and Venus to ensure hot passionate sex; and then I'd give it just the right dose of Neptunian rose colored glasses guaranteed to reduce the harsh glare of day to day reality. Finally, I would add just the slightest hint of Uranian excitement and electricity and top it off with a dash of Plutonian intensity...

Stark Conclusion?
Not long after starting out on my valiant quest for the "perfect chart," I came to the stark conclusion that it might be necessary to reappraise and lower my standards just a wee bit. I realized I was hip deep in the process of creating something akin to the Bride of Frankenstein.

And I further discovered that I was playing the roles of both Dr. Frankenstein and his lonely monster that needed a special someone to keep him company... and finally, the sheer audacity of thinking I could create a “perfect chart,” hit me over the head like a ton of bricks.

Not one to give up easily... I then resolved that perhaps I could find a couple of “good enough charts.”

Not too much later, I lowered the bar one final time, thinking that maybe I could find a few “ain’t half bad charts.”

Eventually my sense of enthusiasm and curiosity waned...

I met and fell in love with a woman whose birth chart I would never have been bright or clever enough to have picked out in advance... and I abandoned my already diminished quest of finding a few “that ain’t half bad charts.”

Summing It Up

Maybe I'm crazy, but I still prefer making all my choices of the heart in the old-fashioned way... and I shudder to think of all the wonderful, memorable moments (as well as moments of sheer torture) I might have missed out on by only considering those women that fit my "that ain't half bad" chart category.

Besides... if you happen to remember how the movie, Bride of Frankenstein, turned out - the monster's short romance with his lovely bride ended up being a total fiasco...

No... I afraid that my days of playing Dr. Frankenstein and his lonely monster are long over...

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