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Please note: We both know that life is already way too serious! The World of Karma is a "just for mindless fun" section of the Zodiac Master. So please, DON'T go in here without a sense of humor and/or if you're easily offended regarding your particular belief system.

For example: if you don't like the Mind Reader (just below)... then you probably don't belong in the World of Karma.

It's the amazing, dazzling Mind Reader! Go on... think of a number between 1 and 63 and answer YES or NO to the questions. The Mind Reader will tell you the number.

By clicking on Dr Z - I hereby signify that I understand the World of Karma is "just for mindless fun." If I later discover that I am a humorless dweeb, becoming metaphysically offended by something in the World of Karma, then I recognize that I was warned in advance and it's my own darn fault!

Click Dr Z to Enter
Click Dr Z to Enter the World of Karma

Note: If you came here looking for serious information on the subject of Karma, then head for: Saturn, the Lord of Karma.

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