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Iconoclastic astrologer exploring Jungian, Archetypal. and Mythopoeic Thought for 35+ years. "Called or not called, the god will be there."

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Who in the heck is the irreverent and increasingly curmudgeonly astrologer at The Zodiac Master that goes by the moniker of Dr Z?

Well... let's see... Dr Z - aka Anthony L Peña, JD - is a bona fide "baby boomer." Yep... Dr Z was (is) an old hippie type born back in the dark ages of the 1950s; and he's been sporting that beard since 1973...

Dr Z was born and raised in Eastern New Mexico on the Llano Estacado High Plains of the Southwest in the USA. However, since the late 1970s, he's called the greater Nashville, Tennessee area "home sweet home."

FYI - New Mexico has been a US territory since 1850 and was granted US statehood in 1912 and thus should not be (but often is) confused with our most excellent neighbor to the south, Mexico (which is like - uh - a totally different country).

A still "wet behind the ears" Dr Z moved to Nashville, TN in his mid 20s in order to (like half the population of Nashville) become a world famous singer/songwriter. Making an extremely long and boring story short, he fortunately ditched that particular pursuit a long, long, long time ago.

As for Dr Z's educational background, he has a Bachelors degree in Religious Studies and a Doctorate degree in Jurisprudence, as well as, 50+ hours in undergraduate and graduate psychology.

Being a wee bit rebellious and eccentric (Sun, Moon, and Mercury all in easy aspect to Uranus) - it somehow makes perfect sense one of the many hats that Dr Z now wears in his silver years is that of an astrologer.


Internet Pioneer
In the early days of the internet, Dr Z was one of a small handful of pioneering astrologers that (somewhat) had an early vision for what the Web could eventually become. Early on staking out his territory, this astrology site first went online in September of 1996. That's right... 1996.

For 7 years, from 1999 to 2006, Dr Z simultaneously served as the astrology guide at About.com (at that time owned by the NY Times).

Internet Services
As a strong believer in local astrology, Dr Z has always felt that folks tend to get more "bang for their bucks" by the experience of visiting their friendly neighborhood local astrologer face to face. Therefore, during the early years of The Zodiac Master, Dr Z chose not to hawk any of his astrological services. He instead chose to (virtually unheard of at the time) simply entertain and educate his visitors about astrology for the sheer joy and fun of it.

Early on... The Zodiac Master was honored to be 1 of only 10 astrology sites selected for review in the November 1998 Edition of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine! It was later honored to be one of the very first web sites reviewed in the Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

Eventually Dr Z came to the realization that he was just being "old-fashioned" by not offering services online and that he needed to go ahead and enter the 21st century.


So - although Dr Z still strongly feels that folks tend to get more "bang for their bucks" by visiting a local astrologer - after several years he opened StarryMart that provides limited internet astrology readings and reports.

No Freebies
Sorry folks, but Dr Z doesn't do astrological "freebies" or "favors" for folks visiting the Zodiac Master.
As it is, Dr Z barely has adequate time set aside for his regular, credit card in hand, clientele.

So What's Dr Z's Sun Sign and/or birth data?
There are basically two groups of folks in the "astrology community:"

  • First, there are those wonderful open and free folks that passionately believe we are all obligated to freely share our birth chart information with practically anyone that asks.
  • Then, there is that pesky second smaller group of folks that just as passionately believe sharing information about one's birth chart is an intensely private matter.

Dr Z belongs to that pesky smaller second group of folks... thus, if you contact Dr Z - asking for his birth data - then he'll simply refer you to this page.

At the same time... throwing Dr Z's fans one small bone (and against his better instincts)... along with having his Sun, Moon, and Mercury all in major easy aspect to Uranus, his birth Ascendant is located in the mischievous Mercurial sign of Gemini and his birth Sun is located in the nefarious sign of Scorpio.

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