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Love Journey Through the Zodiac

Back in the 1980s, astrologer/teacher Richard Idemon came up with what I consider to be a most unique application of four words the Classical Greeks used for (what we today call) love.

The four Greek words that Richard Idemon utilized were:

  • Epithemia
  • Phileo
  • Eros
  • Agape

Yep! As you may or may not be aware... three of these words have been thoroughly used (and abused) throughout the years, but I've never before seen Idemon's particular, distinctive perspective utilized when discussing their archetypal meanings.

Idemon associated these four stages of love with the four Fixed signs of the Zodiac:

  • Epithemia - Taurus (Fixed Earth)
  •  Phileo - Leo (Fixed Fire)
  • Eros - Scorpio (Fixed Water)
  • Agape - Aquarius (Fixed Air)

Hold On Now

Before we get started on this Love Journey Through the Zodiac... there is one caveat. This one caveat is going to be a tough pill to swallow... but during this Love Journey through the Zodiac, you'll have to temporarily leave behind the all too common temptation of identifying yourself as being a particular sign of the Zodiac...

Patterns of Living Energy That Tell a Story

You, like most folks, probably came to this site with the belief that you're an Aries, a Cancer, a Libra, a Capricorn, etc... and that may be where your birth Sun is located...

However... the signs of the Zodiac are archetypal patterns of energy that pass on to us ancient stories of a grand journey, the journey of the soul. And (don't go into shock) everyone's birth chart contains all twelve of the Zodiacal signs/patterns of energy.

So.... when discussing how Taurus is related to the experience of Epithemia or how Scorpio is related to the experience of Eros - this does not necessarily mean that I'm referring to folks with their birth Sun in Taurus or folks with their birth Sun in Scorpio.

It does mean I'm referring to the same Zodiacal, archetypal energies residing within each and every one of us.

Yes.... some of us may have greater strengths and/or challenges in one or more of the Zodiacal signs - but none of us are Taurus and none of us are Scorpio. And hopefully all of us (at least once in this lifetime) will have the opportunity to experience and explore all four of the wonderful love energies discussed here.

Love Journey Begins

Our Love Journey through the Zodiac begins with Taurus and in the lush, fertile gardens of Paradise...

Begin your journey!
(Click me to start the Love Journey)

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