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Synchronicity (meaningful coincidence)... Synchronicity is a term first coined by Dr Carl G Jung... In recent years the term "synchronicity" was introduced into pop culture consciousness by the artist, Sting (an avid student of Jung) and the Police. And now of late - books, such as the the best seller book entitled "The Celestine Prophecy," rely heavily upon the experience of "synchronicity."

Trust me... in order to assist you in gaining a fuller understanding and appreciation for the Jungian concept of "synchronicity" - I need you to follow me on a round about, circuitous path called the Journey of Wholeness, or "Unus Mundus"...

Unus Mundus
(literally meaning: One World)
Journey of Wholeness

(The four elements are depicted by the four cardinal Zodiac signs: Aries - fire, Cancer - water, Libra - air and Capricorn - earth)

Unus Mundus is the conjunctio...

It's the royal mystical marriage of:


transformed back into the original, undivided unity of the world soul... the world logos... the god image within... Unus Mundus is the final reuniting of our spirit, soul, and body with the world soul.

Unus Mundus In Alchemy
Renaissance alchemist Gerhard Dorn's highest goal and desire was transforming the four elements (fire, water, air, and earth) back into the original One World unity of Unus Mundus.

"Learn from within thyself to know all that is in heaven and on earth, that thou mayest be wise in all things. Knowest thou not that heaven [spirit] and the elements [matter] were formerly one, and were separated by a divine act of creation from one another, that they might bring forth thee and all things?... Know that man's greatest treasure is to be found within man, and not outside him...

From the alchemist text "Theatrum Chemicum" Volume One (1602 AD)
Gerhard Dorn's "Speculativae philosophiae..."

Unus Mundus In Mythology
In mythology, Unus Mundus
is that mythical, imaginal place where heaven touches earth... Unus Mundus is the mystical land beyond all time and space... a sphere of unity where the opposites of:





spirit/matter all merge into one another and cease to exist separately... Then, there is only the One...

It's All Greek To Me?
In Greek mythology - one such mythical place was the Cave of the Nymphs.
The Cave of the Nymphs was the final stop on the journey of the Greek hero, Odysseus. (Here's the description written by Homer.)

The Cave of the Nymphs was considered to be a sacred, "set apart" place where heaven [spirit] and earth [matter] meet. The cave was a place where souls descended from heaven by the northern door. It was here that souls obtained their bodies and were born into the world of time/space existence. And likewise, souls returned to this to cave when it was their time to depart from the southern door. It was here that they shed their bodies in order to head back to their celestial home.

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