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Love Journey: Intro | 1. Taur | 2. Leo | 3. Scor | 4. Aquar

Leo is the first of the "social" zodiac signs.

According to astrologer Richard Idemon - Phileo represents that "excited awakening to the existence of other people in the world." Phileo, Leoian love, is the fiery, joyous feeling that says: "I love who I am when I'm with you...., and I love who I think I may be when you're part of my life!"

Youthful, daring Phileo says: "To find the hero or heroine within you - you may just have to fall in love with the hero or heroine outside you."

Phileo brings forth that playful, youthful quality in lovers; and the child in me asks the child in you, "Can Johnny (Sarah or Sue) come out and play?"

From the Heart

In phileo, expressions of love and affection come naturally and unabated from a deep source within the heart. These expressions of love carry with them a sense of childlike trust in one another.

With phileo there's a sense of our separateness to the other person.... So romantic wooing and courtship are the fundamentals of phileo in order to bring out an end to this pained (yet delightfully, delicious) separateness.

Phileo can't wait until the next precious, golden opportunity to once more be in the presence of the beloved.... Passionate, warm-hearted love poems are the order of the day!

In days of old
when knights were bold....
and maidens
were so fair and lovely....

Sense of Mortality
The ability to love in this manner is also directly related to our sense of human mortality and the fragility of life. Idemon conjectured that because the Greek gods were immortal, their immortality was the very reason why they were unable to experience the wondrous human capacity for phileo.

One of the few apparent exceptions to this may have been the god Eros (Cupid) - who accidentally pierced himself with one of his own arrows and was later wounded by his mortal female lover Psyche.

However, Phileo is not a love experienced by equals....

Phileo Demands
Phileo demands:
"You must be my hero or heroine! You must be my knight. You must be the magical princess I have quested for..." "You must be the one true vision of my deepest longings! You must be a beautiful idol sitting high upon its pedestal!"

"And - beloved - you must never, never fall from this pedestal I've created for you. To do so would shatter my image of who you are (and would shatter my image of who I am)!"

So our love must continue to grow and evolve.... so the next stop on our Journey of Love through the Zodiac is in the sign associated with eros, Scorpio. Scorpio is the serpent in the Garden....

(continue the Love Journey)

(nope, I'm tired)

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