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Where is the Love Potion?
  • Where’s the Love Potion hiding in the astrology chart?
  • What makes us fall madly in love?
  • What makes us so easily fall out of love?
  • Why is it – as the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, summed it up so well – "the Divine Madness?"

The Divine Madness...
Why is it that we often fall "madly" in love with someone whose only purpose in our life is seemingly to hurt, betray, and/or abandon us… and why do we cling so hopelessly, so irrationally to the ghostly memories of the "beloved" who so easily abandoned us in favor of the love they now feel so feverishly for someone new…

How is it that the Love Potion in full bloom makes us feel as if we’ve entered timeless, blissful eternity, the highest heights of the heavens... and then later, many times, the deepest depths of hell?… Where is this damned, infernal love potion?

Reveal yourself to us!
Reveal yourself, now!
This insanity... this passion... that drives us mad with desire for the "beloved"…

Astrologers have traditionally attempted locating the Love Potion in many different places within the birth chart.
The Love Potion has been said to be located in:
  • the 5th house of gambling, pleasure, and love affairs…
  • the 7th house of committed partnerships…
  • the 8th house of death, desire, passion, shared resources, and sex…
  • the 11th house of friendship and highest aspirations…
  • the 12th house of fantasy and imagination...

So where is this Mystery called the Love Potion located?

(The Secret Location Revealed)
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