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More About Sun Signs and Astrology Compatibility

Revised and updated April 28, 2015

Questioner One:
Dr Z: Is it possible for a relationship to last and be loving between a Taurus woman and a Sagittarian man?? I really need to know for i am in love with a Sagittarian... Your answer is greatly appreciated...

Questioner Two:
Dr Z: I'm a Scorpio who keeps falling for other Scorpios... I know your chart says it should be a "Hit."  But from my experience... two Scorpios may be not such a great idea. I've been involved with three Scorpio men in the past seven years - and as much as I'm crazy about them, we always manage to have huge difficulties.  it makes me very sad. Hmmm, I wonder why it is. Any thoughts?

Yep, it is absolutely possible for a relationship to last and be loving between a Taurus woman and a Sagittarian man.

And hey! What can I say? I feel your Scorpio with Scorpio pain! Although I'll confirm that the Scorpio/Scorpio combination can be more than a wee bit challenging and difficult... it nevertheless, worked out pretty darned well for Scorpio Sun Roy Rogers and Scorpio Sun Dale Evans... but then, in mentioning the Happy Trails of good old Roy and Dale, I guess I'm seriously showing my age. (See the Love Menu section "Sun Sign Compatibilty" for a list of the traditionally "easy" and "difficult" Sun Sign matches.)

Much of what I'm about to pontificate about is already contained in the Love Menu section entitled "Sun Sign Compatibility." But - based on the numerous emails I receive asking these same sorts of questions - it obviously can't be repeated or emphasized enough...

You've seen on this site (and many others) that a match between a Sun Sign Sagittarius male and a Sun Sign Taurus female is usually not considered a traditionally "easy" relationship. And nope, it's not traditionally considered to be an "easy" Sun Sign match... or you've seen that a match between two Scorpios is potentially a good match up.

Sun Sign Astrology Compatibility?
There are a zillion popular astrology columns, books and sites "appearing" to promote the idea that true astrological compatibility can be determined by the simple comparison of two people's Sun Signs.

You've seen them:

"Hey, Libra lady - wanna know how to turn on your Aquarius man?"

Hmmm... How can I put this nicely? No astrologer (currently among the living or the dead) can give an informed opinion of compatibility based solely on two people's Sun Signs.

My First Time
Heck, I still remember my own sense of astonishment the very first time I went to visit an astrologer... I had no clue as to how complex astrology is and/or that all the various planets in our solar system play a part in our individual birth charts and in determining compatibility.

Yep! The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and (yes, good old) Pluto all play their own unique roles in that eternal (infernal) mystery called love. In fact - there are ten planets, twelve signs, and twelve houses (and more) that go into making up our unique personalities.

Think about it! If Sun Sign compatibility were the "be all" and "end all" of determining astrological compatibility, then you (and everyone else) would be compatible with about half the world's population.

Having a traditionally "easy" or "difficult" Sun Sign placement with another person will neither make or break a relationship. In a real, bona fide astrology compatibility reading - the comparison of Sun Signs is only one of many, many, many factors considered. Sun Sign compatibility is only a drop in the bucket... Sun Sign compatibility is only the tip of the iceberg...

Columns, Books and Sites?
And all the columns, books and sites written on Sun Sign Astrology and Sun Sign Compatibility? They're written and published because large numbers of people enjoy reading (and buying) them. It's what you buy and it was an invention of the 20th Century.

And don't get me wrong... Sun Sign Astrology and Sun Sign Astrology Compatibility are always a fun place to start. Sun Sign Astrology can be great fun to read about! Sun Sign Compatibility can be fascinating to dig into and explore a little! And Sun Sign astrology is how most folks (including me) initially get introduced to the subject of astrology. And that's, perhaps, why you've surfed to this site.

But Sun Sign Astrology and Sun Sign Astrology Compatibility are only a starting point, and they will never tell the full story about an individual's chart or the comparison of two people's charts...

Heck... it would be great if love and romance were that nice, clean, simple, and easy. It would save us all from a world of hurt. But... they're not...

The  Labyrinth
But let's face it! Most folks simply don't have the time, inclination, or interest in exploring the vast expanses that lie beyond Sun Sign Astrology. For the average person devoting the necessary years and years of intensive, purposeful study in order to decipher the labyrinth of astrological symbolism and interpretations just isn't "in the cards!"

And this is exactly why some folks are still willing to pay big bucks to have a reading done by an experienced astrologer. As with any other profession, the customer is paying for the astrologer's long years of study and expertise in regard to a highly complex and specialized subject. Having said all this...

The Step Beyond...
With both questioners, there's obviously some sort of chemistry interactional "thing" happening. And this generally means there's some sort of strong attraction going on here that goes far beyond Sun Sign comparisons and/or compatibility.

And there's (more than likely) going to be several explanations for these individual attractions and repetitive patterns that can be found by an experienced astrologer when applying various advanced astrological techniques (such as synastry, composites, astro-mapping, solstice points).

I hedged, just now, by saying "more than likely" - because I've occasionally done chart evaluations and wondered why in the heck the two people were together.

No Guarantees!
One more thing: No astrologer (currently among the living or the dead), even when using the most advanced techniques, can give guarantees that a relationship between two people will last and be loving... I only wish we could give such guarantees...

If I could give guarantees, then I'd be charging the price of a small country for compatibility readings and be rich beyond my wildest dreams! Seriously... the huckster shysters out there that claim to have the ability (without having it) manage to make a lot of bucks. Just imagine how I rich I could be if I had the gift?

Anyway... competent astrologers can point out some of the inherent strengths and potential rough spots in a relationship. We can even look for indicators of potential longevity and seriousness of commitment between the two people.

But guarantees? Get real! Not in this lifetime... neverthess, If these love relationships are important enough - then get thee to an astrologer that can do full blown birth chart and compatibility readings...

Wait a minute! Advanced Compatibility Reports and Readings Now Available at this site:

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