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Fate and Astrology

For astrologers, "how fated is the future" seems to be the one question underlying virtually every other question that clients ask us on a daily basis.


How Fated Is The Future
Just how fated is the future? Philosophers, whether ancient or modern, have all faced the angst-ridden reality that, for most of us, our life experiences are full of unexpected, unwanted, and uninvited twists and turns.

A Hand In Fate
According to astrologer, Rob Hand, predictive astrology need not be about "grit your teeth and think pure thoughts"...

Fate and God

Next in the series on Astrology and Fate, a few personal musings on the existence of God and who He or She might be.

Puppets or Partners
We can chose to live out our lives as passive puppets of fate or as active partners in our destiny. Destiny will lead you to the turning points in your life, but then it’s up to you take those moments and do something with them.

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The Future is a Scary Place
I suppose that it's always a shock to the system when you wake up and discover that you're "only human," after all.

You see... as much as I hate to admit it... as much as I've guarded against it... and as much as I've preached against it... when the rubber met the road - and my mother was given a diagnosis of 6 months or less to live - operating out of fear, I attempted to gain control over the situation via my knowledge of astrology.

Home > Astrology and Jung > Fate and Astrology

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