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Dr Z's: The Zodiac, Astrology & Soul Mates

What Is A Soul Mate?
originally written in 1997 (with last revision in 2020)

"The heart has its own reasons that the mind cannot comprehend..." Plato

Welcome to "The Zodiac & Soul Mates!" I'm Dr Z... and it would appear that you've stumbled into an extremely crowded room at The Zodiac Master Astrology Site.

Yep! "The Zodiac & Soul Mates" is one of the most visited pages at the Zodiac Master. So... please mind your manners, give everyone a little extra elbow room, and try not to unnecessarily jostle any other web visitors while here.

Why that crowded?
"Relationship" and/or finding one's "soul mate" has become one of the top (if not the most important) guiding beliefs of our day and time! This modern day quest of finding the illusive "perfect relationship" has taken on mythic, larger-than-life, archetypal proportions!

Psychotherapists (and astrologers) develop a distinctive nervous twitch whenever a client excitedly announces that they've found their one and only true soul mate!

Yep! It seems we all get a little crazy over the subject... as "relationship" and finding the "right person" with whom we are destined to share our life journey has become the 21st Century equivalent of the medieval Search for the Holy Grail...

"If we don't have a primary relationship, we live haunted with self-doubt, questioning whether we are capable of intimacy and commitment, even questioning the value of life without it. We yearn for the sacred marriage, the union of souls that will endure the passage of time. We long for a partner who offers a shady oasis in a hot, dry world; a mate who provides a refuge of acceptance and understanding. We dream about the sweetness of love and speak constantly to friends about the urgency of the quest...."

Short excerpt from Romancing The Shadow by Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf

And yet it often seems... the harder we search for this much sought after, much desired union of souls - the more elusive and frustrating our quest becomes.


  • What in the heck is a soul mate?
  • What does a soul mate look like?
  • Would ya even know a soul mate if ya saw one? 
  • And does astrology give any possible clues as to who might "feel" like a soul mate?

Okay... we'll get back to most of this in minute... but first, what's the story behind soul mates? And who is it that came up with the idea?

Split Aparts
The archetypal concept of soul mates is timeless and has quite probably existed for as long as humanity itself has…

However, the one individual most rightly credited with the concept of soul mates in the Western World is the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato (427 BC – 348/347 BC)...

According to Plato's creation story as contained in the Symposium: In the beginning there was only one human. And this human was "created perfection."

The rather odd thing (to us) was that this first "created perfection" human had all the "necessary" male parts, as well as having all the "necessary" female parts (if you get my drift). However, this perfect human (with all of the "necessary" parts) was then tragically split apart – and, since that time, the two halves (the male parts and the female parts) have been forever searching for one another in order to join together and regain their sense of original created wholeness.

"Each of us when separated, having one side only... is but indenture of a man, and he is always looking for his other half." Plato from the Symposium

That, my friend, is the bona fide traditional Western tradition behind the concept of soul mates… two halves looking to be made whole… (and yes, I know that's not a popular view of "healthy relationships" these days.)

And yes, before you write in attempting to educate me on the matter, I realize there are several rather popular "New Age" theories (such as twin souls and twin flames) floating around out there that are much more complex in nature and allegedly more ancient. (I suppose when you're channeling material you can claim any origin date that you want.)

More Current Definition
Here is a more current working definition of soul mates that I especially like and find useful.

"A soul mate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace. This kind of relationship is so important to the soul that many have said there is nothing more precious in life." Thomas Moore Soul Mates (Buy it now at Amazon.com)

Using this working definition for soul mate, it definitely sounds as if we might actually encounter more than one soul mate or soul bond connection during a single lifetime?

Typically... we often do...

Zodiac Clues?
So... I suppose that the penultimate question is: does astrology happen to offer up any clues in the birth chart that might point to why you experience this sort of profound soul mate feeling connection with another person or persons?


Zodiac Sun Sign Compatibility?
Unfortunately, (despite what you've previously heard to the contrary) the use of simple Zodiac Sun Sign comparisons can only render up partial, incomplete answers to the question of who might "feel" like a soul mate... and/or who might "feel" like a person with whom you share "soul bonds"...

Zodiac Sun Sign comparisons are potentially a fine (but very small) step in the right direction... but, let's get real... as not every match between a Sun Sign Gemini and a Sun Sign Libra is going to end up feeling like a soul mate connection... and you'd have a heck of a lot of soul mates out there if it did...

Soul Bond Connection Clues
Astrological soul bond connection clues reflect inner-potentials of inexplicable (irrational) feelings related to a sense of fatedness, kinship, karma, destiny, and/or simply deep emotional connection between the two people involved.

And perhaps, at this point, a couple of rather unpopular cautions are necessary... because experiencing a deep, soul bond connection with another person:

  • is not a guarantee of an easy, smooth relationship or connection with that other person...
  • is not a guarantee that the other person will be with you for the rest of this present incarnation on planet Earth.

As I was so aptly reminded, astrologer Steven Forrest has said (something to the effect) that sometimes soul mates kill each other... (Been there, done that...)

Yikes! That wasn't at all what you wanted to hear, was it? You're hoping (hope against hope) for a romantic, take my breath away, happily ever after, and pain-free solution to the penultimate question of finding your soul mate.

Dr Z's Top Six Astrology Soul Mate Clues
On the next page, we're going to cross over into an area of astrology called Synastry...

Synastry is the comparison of "cross aspects" between the birth charts of two people.

Unfortunately, synastry (birth chart comparison) calls for going well beyond Zodiac Sun Sign comparison and requires having at least a wee bit of previous knowledge about astrology and the comparison of cross aspects between charts. So this is obviously where a lot of folks are likely going to choose to gracefully bow out...

But novices, be brave and momentarily come along for the ride! At the very least, you'll be able to gain a clearer picture of some of the intricate and complex details that we wild-eyed astrologers like to utilize when performing birth chart comparisons... it's a big part of why folks still willingly make that long, arduous trek to visit with a local astrologer, and then part with a few of their hard-earned "buckolas."

Paul and Linda McCartney
For many (of my now salt and pepper haired generation), Paul and Linda McCartney represented lovers that had somehow managed to "get it right," during a particularily turbulent period of history when so seemingly few were able to "get it right."

If these wonderful, gracious lovers, Paul (Gemini) and Linda (Libra) McCartney, weren't soul mates - then I have nary an earthly clue about who might...

So - having previously come up with my Top Six Soul Mate Clues -  I finally decided to put my Top Six Soul Mate Clues up against the ultimate soul mate test, where the rubber meets the road...

>> Continue on to Part II of The Zodiac & Soul Mates: Dr Z's Top Six Soul Mate Clues Featuring Paul and Linda McCartney Synastry Comparisons of the Top Six Soul Mate Clues.

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