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"Linda was, and still is, the love of my life.... I am privileged to have been her lover for 30 years, and in all that time, except for one enforced absence, we never spent a single night apart. When people asked why, we would say, ''What for?''

Paul McCartney - April 21, 1998

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Part II of Dr Z's: The Zodiac, Astrology & Soul Mates:

Dr Z's Top Six Soul Mate Astrology Clues

This Dr Z article was originally written in 1997 and then was revised for content a few years later when he belatedly discovered Linda's birth time. Since then it has been edited from time to time for purposes of minor clarification and/or refinement.

If the wonderful, gracious lovers, Paul and Linda McCartney, weren't soul mates -- then I have nary an earthly clue about who might be...

A few disclaimers that you won't bother to read: All that these Top Six clues may potentially signify is that sharing one or more of the following six cross aspects with another person may reflect (mirror) a relationship with inexplicable subjective feelings of fatedness, karma, kinship and/or deep connection between the two people involved.

  • The following cross aspects are NOT meant to be a guarantee you've found a long lasting, eternal soul mate connection... at least not in the sense that the two of you will be able to happily and peacefully spend the rest of your lives together on the Earth plane. Life and love are not as simple as we'd like (and yearn) for them to be.

  • The following cross aspects are NOT meant to be a guarantee of an easy, smooth. and emotionally healthy relationship or connection with the other person... they most certainly don't guarantee that... as I was so aptly reminded, astrologer Steven Forrest has said (something to the effect) that sometimes soul mates kill each other... (been there, done that....)

  • The following cross aspects are NOT meant to be the final word in regard to astrological combinations that might be a clue of a potential soul mate connection or general attraction and compatibility between two people.

Birth Data Used:

  • Paul's Birth Data: June 18, 1942 2:00 pm Liverpool, England, Rodden Rating: A
  • Linda's Birth Data: September 24, 1941 10:00 am New York, NY, Rodden Rating: A
    Both birth times are based on info given by Linda McCartney and used in an article in the ACVA Journal Summer 1998 Vol 4 No.1. (Just to keep everybody on the same page, if you are casting the charts, then this info gives Paul an Ascendant of 25 degrees Virgo and Linda an Ascendant of 8 degrees Scorpio.)

1. Magnetic Attraction - (You're a Magnet for me, baby...)
Look for person A's birth planets sign conjuncting the angles of person B's chart (Ascendant/ Descendant magnetic axis or the Midheaven/ I.C. gravity axis). This is especially true of person A's luminaries and personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars) and especially true of conjuncting person B's Ascendant/Descendant magnetic axis. This also holds effective for a sign conjunction with person B's Midheaven/IC gravity axis, but the connection is inevitably going to be "heavier" and more "challenging" in nature.

    Linda's Sun in Libra was out of sign but closely orb conjunct Paul's Ascendant in Virgo. (A close out of sign conjunction denotes connection without logical rationale.) Paul's Moon was sign and orb conjunct Linda's Midheaven.

Again, if you find a double whammy - such as person A's Ascendant conjunct person B's Moon and person B's Ascendant conjunct person A's Moon - then all the better!

2. We May Never Pass This Way Again (Karmic Lovers)
Cross aspects between the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and/or Angles (Ascendant/ Descendant axis or the Midheaven/ I.C. axis) in person A's chart and person B's Lunar Nodes.

The conjunction being the most intense and significant connection is the only aspect I currently consider. Again, look for a double whammy.

    This is huge. Linda's North Lunar Node was conjunct Paul's Ascendant. One interpretation is that this one single (and huge) indicator denotes that the two of them have been together during several different past lives. This can potentially be a very powerful connection

    Only mildly of interest: Linda's North Lunar Node was squared Paul's Sun. Linda's North Lunar Node was also sextile Paul's Venus. Paul's North Lunar Node was trine Linda's Venus (a double whammy).

3. You Are My Destiny (Destiny's Gate)
Cross aspects between the Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant, and/or Midheaven in person A's chart and person B's birth Vertex, the Vertex being nicknamed by me as "Destiny's Gate." This rule holds especially true in regard to conjunctions and oppositions. Again, look for a double whammy.

Linda's Vertex was conjunct Paul's Sun and Midheaven which was a very powerful connection between the two of them. This is a connection that can potentially be very hard to let go of.

Only of very mild and secondary interest, Paul's Vertex was trine Linda's Moon and Venus.

4. Let Me Lose Myself in You! (or Calgon, Take Me Away)
Cross aspects between person A's birth Neptune and person B's birth luminaries, personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars), and Ascendant/Descendant axis....

The conjunction, trine and sextile aspects are (for the most part) a wee bit "easier" to handle and bring down to earth- with the conjunction being the most intense connection.

Cross aspects involving Neptune and the other person's luminaries, personal planets, and Ascendant/Descendant axis can even hold true with sign  conjunctions and oppositions that aren't necessarily within orb aspect - but generally speaking: the closer, the better.

Finding what's sometimes called a "double whammy" cross aspect - such as person A's Neptune conjunct person B's Venus and person B's Neptune sextile person A's Venus -- is all the better for creating that special connection feeling. A double whammy helps create an even stronger mutuality of feeling.

In a synastry birth chart comparison for Paul and Linda McCartney - Paul's Neptune was found to be conjunct Linda's Sun; and Linda's Neptune was found to be squared Paul's Sun (a double whammy). Linda's Neptune was also conjunct Paul's Ascendant.
5. Hey, Venus! (Love in the Afternoon)
Cross aspects between the Sun and/or Moon in person A's chart and person B's birth Venus.
This is especially intense with conjunctions and oppositions, but trines and sextiles are awfully comfortable and nice. Again, look for a double whammy.
Paul's Venus was in opposition Linda's Moon and Linda's Venus was squared Paul's Moon (another double whammy).
6. Immortal Lovers (Ooh baby, ooh baby)
Now here's one you probably haven't heard of before...

The Immortal Lovers clue concerns the minor asteroids named Eros (passion and erotic transformation) and Psyche (longings for communion, merging, and the giving of one's self over).

If this is a relationship between a male and female - then first look for the male's birth Eros conjuncting the female's birth Psyche. This even appears to work with sign conjunctions which aren't in orb. In my experience, finding this cross aspect between lovers is fairly rare... at the same time, finding a double whammy between family members seems to be fairly common (which is sort of a spooky thought, but consistent with many of the differing theories on reincarnation).

Bringing it down a notch, this also seems to work fairly well with (in orb) aspect oppositions and squares. Then, to a much, much, much lesser degree, it can work with trines and sextiles. (Although, as a strong general rule I don't consider trines and sextiles when comparing Eros and Psyche.)

Then... check to see if anything's up between the female's birth Eros and male's birth Psyche. Finding a double whammy cross aspect between lovers (involving conjunctions, oppositions and squares) is rare...

It's interesting to see where your two asteroids touch your partners other planets and/or points... but I wouldn't necessarily give these other cross-aspects

Paul's Eros was in aspect opposition Linda's Psyche and Linda's Eros was sign conjunct Paul's Psyche (another double whammy).

For those folks interested in checking for cross aspects between Eros and Psyche, the only software packages I know of that can calculate Eros and Psyche (such as Solar Fire 4) are a wee bit expensive. So a less expensive alternative is the free Astrodienst Online Chart Service that offers an option for manually adding in any of the asteroids. The asteroid number for Eros is 433 and the asteroid number for Psyche is 16.

Commonly asked question:
Q - What if I don't find any double whammies?

A - Don't get greedy...

Q - What if I don't find all of the clues in my relationship?

A - Don't get greedy... not everybody is Paul and Linda


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