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Fulfillment of all orders in Dr Z's StarryMart is via email. Fulfillment of your order through PayPal is normally within 7 calendar days. All computer generated interpretation readings now come in the form of the multi-platform PDF Adobe file read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader attached to the email.

Simpáticos Composite Chart Text Report

Text interpretations written by Bernie Ashman, author of Astrological Games People Play and RoadMap to Your Future

Simpáticos is an awesome relationship text report based on using what's commonly called a composite or combined chart. With over twenty plus years as a professional astrologer, the author of this report, Bernie Ashman, is able to provide insight into how the relationship between two people will tend to work. The text report produced is normally between 20 - 30 pages in length. - $17.95 USD

What in the heck is a composite chart and what does it attempt to describe?

The Composite Chart and Love's Angel
Short excerpt from An Open Life: Joseph Campbell in Conversation with Michael Toms

"You see, the whole thing in marriage (committed partnership) is the relationship and yielding - knowing the functions, knowing that each is playing a role in an organism... marriage (committed partnership) is an ordeal; it means yielding, time and again. That's why it's a sacrament: you give up your personal simplicity to participate in a relationship. And when you're giving, you're not giving to the other person: you're giving to the relationship. And if you realize that you are in the relationship just as the other person is, then it becomes life building, a life fostering and enriching experience, not an impoverishment because you're giving to somebody else. This is the challenge of a marriage (committed partnership)."

Mythologist Joseph Campbell went on further to claim that in “relationship,” woman is the initiator, with man coming in close to the woman to be initiated into the deeper secrets of life and of love.

A composite chart is a relationship chart calculated and derived from the two charts of the individuals involved in a relationship. A composite chart is thought to be a symbolic reflection or mirror of the universally held concept that there are not simply two autonomous factors involved in an interpersonal relationship, but also a "Third."

In Jungian author John Haule's Divine Madness he calls attention to what he monikers as "Love's Angel" or the "Magical Third." Many (or most) romantic lovers have experienced an awareness that there is "something mysterious but definite that encounters the two of us. It is as though our openness to one another lets some Third being into the room." In other words, there is an angel that guides the relationship.

A composite chart attempts to describe and map out this Third autonomic presence of the relationship.

The Simpáticos interpretation text is divided into four major sections:

  • The Playing Field
    This introduction outlines a comprehensive approach to relationships and the kind of communication that makes them work.
  • The Players
    In this section of the report you will find in-depth analyses of the planets of the composite chart, including the sign and house they occupy. You will also find descriptions of the composite Ascendant and part of fortune. The "main players" are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Part of Fortune. The "supporting cast" includes the remaining planets and the Midheaven.
  • The Aspects
    This section focuses on communication and negotiation, areas of harmony in the relationship, fusion of energies, and potential areas of friction.
  • The Nodes of the Moon
    Bernie Ashman says, "The Nodes — their celestial polarity — give clues to your connection on the soul level." This somewhat unconscious connection emerges into awareness in relationships of longer duration.

Please note: Some compatibility and/or relationship reports provide ratings. Yep, ratings are a popular feature that a lot of folks tend to like. The Simpáticos composite report does not give any sort of overall ratings of the relationship.

This is not a bad thing, because 99% of the canned computer reports that give ratings are based on the typically (and extremely) lame method of adding up pluses and minuses. If you're looking for a reliable "relationship rating," then you should consider ordering the Dr Z Cut To The Chase Relationship Reading offered for the unbelievably low price of $39.95 USD.

Birth Data needed for both people:

  • Name - example: John Smith
  • Gender - example: Male
  • Date of Birth - example: March 24, 1966
  • Time of Birth - example: 3:37 pm
  • Place of Birth - example: Some Town, Some State, Some Country

Also, if for some reason you prefer the Non-romance report version, please specify that.

By default (when both birth times are known) Dr Z prefers to use the Koch House system. If you're dead set on wanting your report to use another house system, then you must specify which other house system you want used. (If you're clueless about house systems, then don't sweat it.)

Birth Times: Before ordering, first make the attempt to find your birth time and the birth time for the other person. Yep! You can order this report without birth times, but with birth times you'll get much better information. When one or both of the birth times are unknown, then (as is typically done when offering this option) Solar Houses for both persons are used. The results are still usually pretty darned good (check out the sample report for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that used this method), but (again) you're always way better off knowing the birth time for both charts.

Report Sample:

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

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Order Simpáticos Relationship Composite Reading - $17.95 USD


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Choosing a House System for your report and/or reading. Want more? Here's why Dr Z has chosen the Koch House System.

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