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Dr Z's StarryMart Privacy Policy:

Dr Z realizes how vitally important it is for you to feel safe online, and he is 100% committed to ensuring your privacy is respected and protected.

Unlike more than a few internet astrology merchants that you may have come across (not naming names), Dr Z has a (perhaps) overly-developed personal sense of conscience, responsibility, and ethics.

Let's face it... the poor guy feels pangs of guilt at the drop of a hat. Thus he lacks the internal constitution necessary to shamelessly harangue StarryMart customers with endless spam and/or other emails hawking his obviously superior services that you "just can't live another day without."

On top of that... Dr Z has not given in (and will not give in) to the lucrative (but, in his opinion, sleazy) practice of selling, giving, trading, exchanging, gambling away in a friendly game of poker, or otherwise distributing any personal identifiable information (such as names, email addresses, billing addresses) or any other demographical information (i.e. for example your birthchart data) that he might obtain from his customers to any third parties.

The bottom line is that when making an order at StarryMart - you're not going to get bombarded with unsolicited emails from Dr Z or from anyone (or any entity) that has bought your information.

Online Internet Ordering Made Simpler and Safer with Dr Z's Secure PayPal Shopping Cart! (FYI - When using your major credit card at Dr Z's Secure PayPal Shopping Cart, signing up for a PayPal account is now totally optional.)

Let's face it, folks... ordering anything online (especially from a pesky astrologer) still feels more than a wee bit "dicey" and "dubious" (at best)...

So making a purchase via PayPal should feel a heck of lot more secure and safe than mailing a check or handing over your credit card information to a total stranger. Yep! That's right! When paying with PayPal, your credit card and/or bank numbers are never seen by the seller or merchant. Your financial information stays safe.

Personally... Dr Z appreciates the fact that he, as a total stranger, is never burdened with the responsibility of knowing your credit card number and such.

Special note for those ordering The Cut To The Chase Premium Reading, a Horary Question, or a Full Blown Reading
In regard to any information of a personal (possibly embarrassing) nature that you might feel the need to share with Dr Z in order to better clarify your current situation - short of confessing a past or future crime - your information is safe with Dr Z. (And no need to fret... by now he really has heard it all...)

It's like they say: "What happens at StarryMart - stays at StarryMart..."

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