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Why the name for your web site, "The Zodiac Master" - and is your nickname, Dr Z, short for Dr Zodiac?

Actually... don't tell anyone... but the original name of this site was The Zodiac Hacker. I naively chose that "clever" name, not (at the time) fully realizing the nature of Internet Search Engines, and not realizing that every computer hacker and (worse) wannabe computer hacker on the Internet would be dropping by to learn more about hacking.

Despite positive support from the hacker community, I reluctantly decided keeping the name would likely be an accident waiting to happen.

And as for my nickname, Dr Z, it was originally a shorter version of "Dr Zeus" (a long time internet nickname I once had). But now that you mention it - I like Dr Zodiac, as well...

The eventual and inevitable renaming of my astrology web site to "The Zodiac Master" and its equally irreverent motto "You Bet Your Sweet Astrology" are dedicated to the memory of a buddy named Gus who was responsible for getting me hooked on computers.

My friend Gus had always dreamed of building his own web site (this was back in the "stone age," before it became common place to have personal web sites, blogs, and the like...). But Gus passed on to the greater Universe beyond, before his desire to build a web site came to fruition...

In naming an astrology site, Gus (a Sun Sign Aquarius with Scorpio Rising) would have come up with the most iconoclastic, irreverent, and outlandish name possible... so I toned it down...

Further, in naming this astrology site, The Zodiac Master - I meant to shake up and wake up any astrology enthusiasts that might not have a sense of humor about their spirituality and/or beliefs.

If you haven't already figured it out... life is already way too serious. I've always been somewhat of a light-hearted, irreverent, iconoclastic, and rebellious mystic... and you may have noticed that slight tendency on your visit(s) here?

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