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Dr Z... this is my first time on your site, it's a little odd to me. And I've been trying to find the horoscope signs like Virgo, but so far I'm not having much luck...

Sorry about that, my fastidious Virgo friend... but years ago, when creating the Zodiac Master in 1996, I wanted it to be totally unlike anything else being offered.

So... rather than offering bits and pieces of Zodiac Sun Sign fare but primarily hawking paid services, I chose to gear the Zodiac Master toward folks that might actually be interested in learning some of the actual how's and why's of real astrology.

Patting myself on the back, at the time I chose to do this, it was virtually unheard of to offer content and articles on the basics of astrology at an astrology site.

All twelve signs of the Zodiac have always in some manner been represented in the Astrology Planetarium Section but it's not typical Sun Sign crap.

Not Your Cup of Tea?
Unfortunately, I realize my approach at The Zodiac Master won't turn out to be everyone's favorite "cup of tea." If it's still a meal of "standard" (bullshit) Zodiac Sun Sign Astrology fare that you're hungry for - then The Zodiac Master won't be the place to satisfy that urge. But that's one of great things about the Web... if the Zodiac Master doesn't happen to "float your boat," then you can always quickly move on to the next site.

However, I've now developed an astrology Sun Sign site - AstrologyWithDrZ.com that should better "float your Virgo boat," as that astrology site now features the most unique and different Zodiac Sun Sign descriptions on the Web.

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